[Closed] Blaqk Stereo June Budget

Title : Guinness World Record Attempt _ Longest recording marathon with multiple artists April - June 2022 (Part 3 of 3)




Requesting : $5000

May Report

Our Focus in June is the completion of the Guinness world record attempt amongst other projects which came up during the month from members of our DAO which are very interesting projects and worth investing in.

Here are a line up of our projects this month of June:

  1. Guinness world record attempt completion 3 of 3. Here’s a link to the full project:
    Guinness World record Full Project representation.
    Alongside its previous reports:
    Report 1
    Report 2
    Completion balance:


  1. https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-digital-art-nft-drop-titled-wagwan-june-july-2022/17735?u=hawwal


  1. https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-guinness-world-record-audition-onboarding/19862?u=hawwal


  1. https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-the-first-luxury-beddings-nft-fashion-exhibition-showcase-june-2022/22260?u=hawwal


  1. DAO activities:

Website creation & hosting - $800
Social media - $200
Wallet activation new group members - $100
Weekly Quiz bounty - $100.

Thanks so much for the support​:pray:t5::heart: @creativesdao-council


Hey @Hawwal & Blaqk Stereo DAO, a few points for you:

  • I can’t see any details about the face avatars in the original project proposal

  • can you give some more details about the funding for DAO activities, please?
    (ie. website cost breakdown, who will build it etc.)

  • who will be creating the wagwan artworks?

  • The onboarding seems to have happened a month ago and the guidelines for Creatives DAO proposal does not allow for retrospective funding.



Hi @ted.iv thanks so much for the quick response and support so far, you have indeed been a blessing.
I will answer your questions Accordingly.

  1. The budget for the face avatars and organizers were in the initial project presentation. Everything that has been paid for has a “*” sign on the beginning of the prices, only these two haven’t been paid for yet. https://gov.near.org/t/approved-april-may-2022-guinness-world-record-attempt-longest-recording-marathon-with-multiple-artists/14726?u=hawwal

  2. So the website we intend building is going to be the official website of Blaqk stereo Dao and also the place we will be posting the profiles of the Guinness world record holders as well other activities we will be having in the dao as we proceed. It’s more of like a more organized way of representing our DAO. We intend hosting it on squarespace and the domain has already been purchased from porkborn.
    Here are the details of the expenses below:

  • Hosting: $270 to $300(due to conversion rates from here) for a year.

  • Domain: $30 (for two years)

  • Graphics (3D & 2D): $500 (covers for all the designs to go up on the website).

The design process will be carried out by me and a member of my DAO who is a professional website designer “andrepryme.near”

  1. I happen to be a digital artist away from music and filmmaking and this is a project that I initially launched in 2020 and the animation has been in the works till date. I have Also collaborated with an amazing female 2D and 3D artist from my DAO and we will be making this artworks together “chiscodex.near”.

  2. Alright thanks for the heads up on this, I have just switched this up for another proposal just made to the DAO. check it out.

Thanks so much​:pray:t5:

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@creativesdao-council Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ll are putting in to facilitate the growth of the Creatives. Just want to quickly call your attention to this proposal as we need this to kick start the month of June. Thanks so much once again. :pray:t5:

This still quotes the 5th of May as the action date but also has no metrics attached?

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I will proceed to add the metrics to the event, however, that information was shared inside our report for the month of May:
the Artists from that audition do not have wallets yet and it’s very important I create wallets for them.

Thanks. @ted.iv @creativesdao-council

Hello, @creativesdao-council how are you’ll doing, wanna drop a quick reminder on this. Thanks​:pray:t5:

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@Hawwal it seems on the Blaqk Stereo astrodao there has been one financial transaction to your own wallet since it’s creation and last month’s funds did not even go in to the Astrodao. This does not seem very transparent to me in terms of the running of a DAO.

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Hello @ted.iv I can confirm that you corrected me on this the previous month and I followed your instructions on ensuring that last months funding came into the DAO’s wallet after it was paid through the DAO’s registered kyc wallet “blaqkstereo.near”.
Transaction link
Blaqk stereo is still in her early stages, we’re only entering our 3rd month as a DAO and we have been making huge progress. Everything I do with funding for projects is made open and transparent with the projected results I promise to deliver. We are growing and we have a projection which I’ll be sharing this month of where we wish to be in the next 6 months. However, in order to be more transparent to the community, could you give me anymore hints that I could apply henceforth?…
Thanks again for your time and patience with us :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Hawwal does the Blaqk Stereo DAO has socials like Telegram or Discord, where there’s a possibility to interact with the community on your DAO?

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Hello @Paul Yes sure, lemme post the links here again. They were posted in the introduction post and our previous report.




This month we want to focus on building our community we have been able to gather these past 2 months.



@creativesdao-council Hello Moderators, wanted to drop another reminder on this. Keep up the great work, you’ll are amazing.:pray:t5::smiling_face:

Hello @Hawwal,

I’m not sure how it benefits the creatives community, and the cost break down is not detail enough to take reference.

This is still quote to a previous proposal in the past. Please make sure your funding request is clear and easy to follow.

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Hello @williamx thanks for the feedback, however, @ted.iv asked questions regarding these which I answered. I will repost the answers here so you could read the full thread. The Wagwan project is very much beneficial to the creatives community if not one of the most beneficial. I don’t believe there’s any full 2D animation project currently in the making under the creatives funding and this project in particular has a sustainability and longevity pontential.
Here’s a further breakdown to the budget for the project:

Also for your second question, here’s the response to that:

I further more explained the importance of creating wallets for these artists as post the time for the Guinness world record, I will be minting those tracks and these artist have to have wallets for them to be able to have royalties to their records.

I will try my possible best to ensure subsequent budget proposals are more orderly and easily understandable for the moderators and community.

Here’s the metrics of our success so far in Blaqk Stereo:
In our 2 months of being a DAO we’ve successfully -

  • Started a Guinness world record attempt for the longest recording marathon with multiple artists.
  • Held an Audition and got 40 confirmed artist selected for the attempt scheduled to hold this June. (All their information like emails and numbers have been collected and kept in our database)
  • Held an online audition to give more artists a chance at being a part of this record attempt with 100 confirmed registrations.
  • Started and held 2 successful conference calls talking about blockchain tech and how it can improve our individual lives on our telegram Channel.
  • Launch of our official YouTube Channel
  • Upgrade of our Astro Dao account to V3

Projection for the month of June

  • Completion of the Guinness world record project
  • onboarding and activation of wallets for the artists from the auditions as well as new group members estimate of 45 people.
  • weekly quiz and engagements with our members
  • Successful Launch of a 2D animation NFT collection prior to the release of the cartoon series which will carry the Near logo as the official patron.
  • Launch of a beddings NFT collection to release 15 NFTs to our store with unlock able assets.
  • Creation and hosting of a website for the DAO.

Later plans

  • Plans of holding an NFT auction event where the Guinness world record songs will be marketed and sold and a collaboration between DAO’s (more information about this will be shared soon)
    @creativesdao-council :blush:
    @ted.iv @adrianseneca @Paul

Hey @Hawwal , thank you very much for adding in the metrics and the various updates. I’m just going to bring up a recent discussion we’ve had with the moderators about the idea of a DAO and how that looks under the umbrella of the Creatives DAO. I’d love to hear your opinion on it. To date, a DAO in its simplest form, has been something of a collective of people working towards a shared creative goal, and each DAO has taken its own unique shape from there. Blaqk Stereo is now in it’s third month of funding and the general consensus is it looks more like a personal brand or enterprise than it does a DAO. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and contributions to this conversation.

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@ted.iv Thanks for the honest feedback. Blaqk stereo did start as a personal brand and business cause it’s a registered film making / animation company in Lagos Nigeria but ever since I migrated Blaqk stereo into web3, our visions and goals as we once saw has evolved beyond us and our personal agenda. Blaqk stereo as a Dao is dedicated to organizing events to draw in creatives from different fields like music, film, arts, business, etc. giving them visibility, and exposing them to the vast opportunities in web3 and the Near protocol. This Guinness world record which we started with is one amongst many more events we will organize to bring creatives from all around west Africa. Every project we present monthly has a longevity strategy and plan to:

  • Bring more more visibility to the Near community and ecosystem in Africa
  • Expose creatives here to more opportunities that the community hasn’t explored yet.
  • Generate revenue for the DAO making it self-sufficient in the long run.
  • Empower young creatives giving them the necessary equipments and gadgets as well as funding needed to create their dream projects.

These amongst other initiatives are plans we keep building on as we grow.

The projects presented this month May look derailed from our agenda stated above but it is very much inline as these project will bring revenue for the DAO and I am very optimistic about this projects.

Our community is growing and soon enough, the community and mods will see their results.

I agree we are still a young DAO and the vision may be blurry but I want to assure the community that we are very much committed to ensuring that the goals and plans stated on our introduction and above in this reply will be fulfilled and we will not fail.
Thank you :blush:

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Hello partner!

Your proposal was discussed and reviewed by the moderators but we were not able to find enough value for the funding needed, we felt that the Creatives DAO support is not appropriate. For more feedback, we can say that the proposal seems more personal than community-focused.

Hope you can still be around being part of other Creatives DAO initiatives and projects.


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