[Report] (April) Guinness World Record Attempt _ Longest recording marathon with multiple artists

Hello community,
April was indeed a spectacular month as a project of this magnitude was launched despite funding came in quite late in the month, we were still able to accomplish a whole lot.

Read the full project here:

We started off by making payment for the “Priority” fast track application and it has been approved. They are awaiting us to make the attempt as we speak.

Motion graphics and posters were designed for posting on our socials to create awareness for the attempt. The auditions is scheduled to hold in the first week of May (5th of May 2022).

We began our promotion on the 27th with the auditions scheduled to hold on the 5th of May on a major blog, and an Instagram account with worth over 3 million followers, also with various other channels I have reach out to people for auditions in the past and, so far, we have gotten a huge number of people who are interested in attending and, we are positive that we will reach our target of having over 500 to 2000 people at the auditions.

The venue to hold the auditions is a prestigious and one of the most sort after places to visit in Lagos Nigeria, because of its historical value https://freedomparklagos.com/
also all necessary materials has been purchased to ensure the auditions is successful.

This is just the beginning we have a lot of work to do in May and we are optimistic that all our goals will be executed excellently.


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Nice Reports fam :100:
Expecting more next month :fire:

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Thanks so much bro. For sure, we are bringing a record to the Nearverse.

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