[Approved] April / May 2022 Guinness World Record Attempt _ Longest recording marathon with multiple artists


This is a style of improvisation, with instrumental beats, in which lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure and with no prior memorization. 40 musicians will come together to either sing or rap for 40 hours non-stop to 40 unique instrumental beats which could be from any genre and played one after the other in a sequence to form music records that would be minted as NFT’s. Now this attempt will include both singers and rappers.

Guinness world record we will be attempting

Firstly we’ll begin with the Guinness world record application phase. Approval will take 1 week after which we’ll begin with the publication to make people aware of the attempt that would be taking place and also for the open call audition for singers that we’ll be participating in the attempt. We intend to use radio announcement, social media (instagram & Facebook), major blogs and Twitter spaces. An audition will be held where we will be selecting our singers from and also we will be onboarding every attendee of the casting as registration stands will be provided. Professional filming will be done through out the entire process. Post the attempt after it has been completed, Mixing and minting of the audio as NFTs will be done as soon as possible while further publication will be running on blogs and social media to build anticipation for the NFT drops.

There will be 40/40 audio NFT drops which will be broken down to 2 minutes each from every 1 hour. Only the most captivating moments from each phase of recording will be released. Avatars of the 40 artists will be minted along with the audio NFTs of their most intriguing moment during the attempt.

Multiple registration stands will be set up at the audition venue, we’ll make use of a 1,000 to 3,000 capacity venue as we’ll be expecting such attendance at the location. Wallets will be opened for all the attendees at the casting. We are looking to have 500 to 2,000 attendees at the casting.

Time Duration:

  1. Fast tracking: Guinness world record attempt approval - 1 week
  2. Publication - 2 weeks
  3. Audition - 1 day
  4. Beats production (which will commence with the publication phase) - 2 weeks
  5. Attempt - 2 days
  6. Mixing and mastering of Recording - 2 weeks (begins immediately after attempt
  7. Fast tracking: The Guinness world record after the attempt - 1 week
  8. Minting to mint base store - 1 day
  9. Final publication - 3 days.

Total duration : 9 weeks.

Publication goes as follows:
Posts on Social media (Instagram, Facebook).
Popular blog posts in Nigeria
Radio announcements
Reposts from social media Influencers
Hosting of Twitter Spaces.

Requesting the sum of $6,000

*$800 - fast tracking Guinness world record application

*$650 - fast tracking after the attempt Guinness world record

*$200 - blog posts

*$50 - IG ads

*$400 - 1 Influencer

*$500 - Audition venue

*$50 - Audition logistics (registration papers, pens, refreshments for coordinators)

$200 - payment for the organizers (3 ushers)

*$600 - Venue during attempt for 40 hours

*$600 - Full attempt video coverage recording with post production.

$300 - Contestants face avatar illustrations.

*$150 - Brand placement during the attempt (Near banners = $150).

*$1,000 - Audio recording with mixing.

$500 - Near activation for wallets (we’ll be activating least of 500 new wallets).

Funding Scheme:
One-time or Half funding before application approval and remaining funding after the application approval. Either of these two funding ways would work fine.

Payout: hawwal.near



Not sure who is doing the freestyle, but the current world record is 30 hours straight.

Who is the person attempting the record?
Have they done this before?

Why is the price $5000 for live streaming- which live streaming platform costs that much?

$200 for shirts - how many shirts?

Would it make sense for the payout only to occur if the record is broken?

How does this directly lead to new near wallet sign ups?

The price points don’t strike me as reasonable. It’s no from me.


I just rearranged the entire proposal, take a look and tell me what you feel. :blush:


I don’t believe that this fits well into the role of Marketing and may be more suitable for funding from the CreativesDAO.

Perhaps the proposal could be split between the two? Marketing could fund the below (potentially, after discussion):

But I’m not sure if the entire proposal would fit into the Marketing too much.


Hey @David_NEAR
Ok, that’s fine. Should I tag the creatives dao on this?

You should be able to change the category by editing the title

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Oh alright, thanks so much, would do that right away.

Hi @Hawwal! Nice to read your project but creatives only support DAO’s and not individual projects, so you need to propose this project to some DAO that is available to contribute to your project.

Fell free to join the group and share your idea with other groups to finde someone compatible with you.

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Thanks so much… I think I will submit under C1 guild if that ok?

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Yes, it might be a possibility. Talk to them =)

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Alright. I don’t have to delete this, or do I?

No, please don’t. I think our conversation is a good way to learn as a community. And, also, is a post to help you show your idea to the DAO’s. =)


Alright, thanks so much for the hints. I appreciate :relaxed:

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Hello @Hawwal from the #onboarding-dao we will be able to help you with the new wallet legible address creations for your participants. Let’s keep in touch, you can set up a meeting with me. I will send you a DM on telegram right now.

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Hey @FritzWorm that’s cool. I just followed the calendar link, looking forward to discussing this more with you. :relaxed:

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I think this proposal in it’s current form does not fit the guidelines for funding from the Marketing DAO.

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Note - part of this proposal has been rejected by Marketing DAO:

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