[proposal] - The first luxury beddings nft fashion exhibition showcase - June 2022

The first luxury beddings nft fashion exhibition showcase.
Location for event: 7c ladega, Chevy view
Date of event: 20th June 2022

I’m shola and another aspect of creative arts I’ve delved into asides music is fashion of not just clothing’s but beddings. As of today, I am one of the very few providers of the most luxurious beddings in Africa.
Check out our Instagram page for a sample of our latest luxury collection @sholaspark Login • Instagram

In the past 24 months, we’ve successfully made sales of thousands of these grade of designs to hundreds of clients within Nigeria and in the last year, as the sole monopolist in this sector of industry, we’ve accrued over twenty million Naira in gross profit. Meeting the needs of people with a distinct taste for luxury living.

I’m on a journey of introducing luxurious beddings to the people of west Africa and I intend to use the NEAR eco system as a platform for launching off officially. And to start off, I intend to host an exhibition of a new collection of luxurious designs of Beddings never done before. This collection will be called [Duchess Emelia grandè déluxe collection by shola spark.]
It’ll feature 10 distinct designs reflecting different styles taste of luxury.

These designs will be showcased live at a home/studio located on the lekki axis of Lagos. A vicinity occupied by the elite and reputable people of Lagos hence it being secured and decent for the security and comfort of anyone who would be in attendance.
These Guest will be entertained with music and cocktails while they glance through the beddings on display.

whoever comes in Will have an Exclusive experience with a trained tour guide explaining the features of each design and once ready to make payments, they’ll be guided to opening NEAR wallets and will thereafter make purchases in NEAR.
This will create onboarding opportunities for everybody coming through.

Still graphics of each design will be minted into mintbase store and whoever makes purchases of these nft’s will have a complete set of the actual beddings sent to him as unlockables.

a landing page will be designed to also exhibit the collections which will redirect people to our mintbase link. On this Landing page, the designs of Beddings will be displayed in 3D augmented reality art

I intend to major on newspapers and blogs for publicity.

I kindly request for $800 to make this a huge success.

Production cost of beddings will be handled by me

-$200 rent of Studio/home for bedroom set up

  • $200 professional photography of all pieces of the collection for minting into The NEAR mintbase
  • $100 for designing each collection into 3D AR arts
  • $50 this will cover both cost of landing page and designs creation for the landing page.
  • $100 ushers for hosting the event & tour guides.
  • $100 publicity & promotion.
  • $50 for activation of wallets




@Sholaspark do you have any examples of the work?

Personally, I feel like an event that targets “the elite and reputable” of any community is somewhat counter-intuitive to the ethos of the Creatives DAO.

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Here’s a sample video of a little of what to expect…

This event isn’t restricted to just the elite. Designs will be going for discounted rates. And The call is being made to every one… And it says “come have a taste of fine living”… Every one deserves comfort and style.
Only difference is we’re not hosting it in just any kind of place. It has to be a place of dignified standards so even the elite will feel inclined to attend just as much as every other class of people will be in attendance.

@ted.iv @creativesdao-council

OK, thanks for the link.

Who has created the designs? If you are to create NFTs of pattern/texture that you did not create/design yourself, how would this work in terms of a fair distribution of royalties?

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Oh they are Actually designs I create myself… I design and process them from start to finish. Every year I intend to release a series of collections and this year, this will be the first.

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Hello @Sholaspark
This is an awesome input, I believe with the 3D designs, you’d be introducing something really grand to the ecosystem. I’ve once come across an idea of a collection, it’s almost like a cloth line collection but this was a 2500 mint and they have a very fast-growing community. https://www.instagram.com/Cold.Behavior/?hl=en
I believe an idea like this has that same potential.
we know of Adidas and some other big brands making their own NFT collections, so having something like this in the Nearverse will bring in a new crowd of creators and collectors.
@ted.iv @creativesdao-council what do you think?

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Amazing hawwal, truly a lot of the fashion Giants are coming in hard and there’s so much the future has in store for us and best thing about it is… It’s NEARER than ever

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I hope I answered your question … Or did I get your question wrong? @ted.iv

@Sholaspark apologies for the delay, it’s a busy time of the month. Thank you for the answers and for clarifying!

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Hi fam. Just wanted to drop a reminder on this. Thanks again for the time and effort. @ted.iv @creativesdao-council