[CLOSED] Artisans Family DAO AUGUST Budget

Hi @creativesdao-council pls, kindly patiently pay attention to read our reply to @adrianseneca’s refference

and pls try to understand that we are just growing, help us with ur support for this month, for a chance to improve better. we will appreciate this so much.

I promise and onbehalf of the community members that this will give us chance to actually upgrade. thank you so much :sparkling_heart: @adrianseneca

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Dear Artisans Family DAO,
After long conversations between community moderators internally and here on the forum, we decided to close your proposal, due to the inconsistencies of past proposals/reports and current proposed one with [Proposal] NEAR Artisan’s Family DAO Adeniyi Bags, Mr Joshua, Fashbanji containing real animal skin in consideration.
After so many changes occurred during the review process (9 in the main proposal, 4 in the physical crafts workshops proposal) this proposal is too messy in this current stage, in order to be approved.

Looking forward to seeing your upgraded proposal in the next month!


We already considered it closed cos we don’t understand what was going on.

But my question is

What do you mean by

We need this question to be answered, to better our community.

@Paul @creativesdao-council