[Closed] 2 Month Social Media Marketing budget for Naksh - An NFT Marketplace for Vernacular Art from India

Hi marketing team at Near. We are super excited to introduce Naksh, an NFT marketplace, working alongside artists across India who hold expertise in traditional and digital mediums.

We would love your help in spreading the word across and your support for funds to boost our social media marketing.

Name: Naksh
Team: @Srilakshmi @nidhi

Naksh is an NFT marketplace which provides a platform to artisans and artists of India. Currently the project is at the development stage, the landing page is planned to be launched by the 2nd week of November and the 1st Version is planned to be launched by the 2nd-3rd week of December.

Funding Scheme : One-time
Type of Marketing: Social Media and AD Campaigns

We are looking for a marketing fund to promote our social media and to get more users to our community.

Currently Naksh is active on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NakshMarket?s=20

Instagram: @nakshmarketplace

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/naksh-marketplace/

Current traction at the platforms

Twitter: 19 Followers

Instagram: 110 Followers

Linkedin: 63 Followers

Expected (Approximate) traction after Promotion:

Near Wallet Creation - 1000 - 2000

Twitter: 2000 followers over a period of 2 months

Instagram: 3000 Followers over a period of 2 months

Linkedin: 400 Followers over a period of 2 months

Estimated Timeline and achievement milestone.

We want to run ads on all our socials to promote our page and increase our reach.

Ad Campaigns: 500N across 3 platforms

Platforms used will be Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Details of the AD Campaign


We want to create two types of AD campaign on Instagram, Our target market on Instagram are the NFT collectors , budding artists and budding NFT enthusiasts who are new to the crypto and NFT world.

  1. Awareness Campaign : To create awareness about the platform and Introduction of Naksh with a Video AD/ Motion graphics with a call to action of learn now, which will take them to the landing page.
    For the Awareness campaign our budgeting will involve both cost per impression (CPM) and cost per click (CPC) on an average it will be 1$ per click, our target will be about 1500 clicks for the 1st campaign.
  2. Conversion Campaign : Conversion Campaign will be done once our Marketplace is launched, it will showcase the NFT’s and Artist information. It will be in the form of Carousel posts with a call to action of Shop now, which will redirect them to the Naksh Marketplace.
    For the Conversion Campaign, we will only focus cost per click and regeneration of the previous audience and with the analysis from the previous campaign we will reiterate the strategy and big the CPC to $0.5 per click targeting 1500 customers.

The total budget for content and both the campaigns will be
Content: $ 500
1st Campaign: $ 1500
2nd Campaign: $ 750

Total Budget of $2750


On Linkedin our aim is to educate the audience about NFT’s, Near, blockchain, etc. And target professionals and students are new to the industry.

Our Ad campaign strategy for Linkedin would be 30% cost per click and 70 % through lead generation.
Lead generation will be done via message ads, where we will share our medium blog which covers various topics.

The budget for the Linkedin Ad Campaign targeting 500 people will be around $250.
With two month campaign, our total budget for LinkedIn AD will be $500.


Our target audience for twitter are all the NFT and crypto community members.

Through our ADs we want to give our platform updates and also invite them to join our community.

Since twitter works on daily Ad budget, we will start off with $30 a day and see the outcome and take it from there.

The AD campaigns will be interactive, in the form of motion graphics, single image ADs and videos.

On an average for 30 days the cost will come upto $900, for followers and engagement.
Content for twitter Ads - $850

The total budget for AD campaigns comes upto $5000 = 500N

Twitter giveaways for re-shares and retweet - a budget of 500 N

To expand the outreach of Near and Naksh we will be hosting campaigns once our landing page and marketplace is launched with a pool of 500 Near token as give aways, for re-shares and re-tweets.

Beta testing incentive - 500 N for 200-300 people

Post the launch of the landing page a small campaign will be done to funnel people to our discord and telegram community, who will be creating near wallets and testing out our marketplace prior to the launch and Near tokens will be given to them as incentives.

TikTok content that educates people about NFTs and why we use Near. - 300N

Focus group set up for qualitative analysis for Platform feedback - 200N

Discord Set up and moderator - 500 N
Telegram Moderator - 500 N

Moderation until Beta testing is completed - Beta testing period approx. - 3 months.
Full setup of discord with multiple channels like Introduction, announcement, Q&A, Alerts, etc.
Constant engagement on both the platforms across channels.

Total Requested amount in NEAR 3000 in USD 30,000 (As per 10 conversion)

Near Wallet ID : naksh.near

Please let us know if there are any other queries or if we missed out on anything, we will be glad to fill you guys in.



Awesome to see you running with this project :tada:

Moderation for how long? 500N to set up a Telegram/Discord and moderate it is quite excessive in my opinion. Can you break it down a little further, please?

Can you share which platforms, please? With quotes ideally

Overall, I think this is an AWESOME project but, considering the value of the proposal, the proposal could be a little more detailed.

Definitely want to see this funded, though :muscle:

You can also reach out to Kitchen Guild (@Lolson_tg) and Stars Guild (@Zhunda ) if you need a team with marketing experience to facilitate some of these initiatives.


Hey David,

Thanks for your support. Love the energy and super grateful!
I have edited the proposal with the answers of your questions and made it more detailed, let me know if there are more queries, will be happy to add it on.

Also, will contact the guilds, and see how we can get started asap.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your proposal!

I would personally like to see more of the product and get to know the team before a proper assessment of the application:

  • would you be able to share the landing page and platform prior to the mid-December launch dates?

Some initial thoughts:

  • I think it would be appropriate to pre-approve spending of up to X amount on Ads, and then release the funds as the Ads are created, ideally shared with us, and ready to be deployed.

  • I personally believe that as you are about to launch, it would be best to take an organic approach to marketing: don’t underestimate how much support you can receive from existing NEAR community, several free distribution channels there. Early stage focus should be in product: first impression matter, would be platform be able to cope if you get a ton people overnight? Is it at the standard it needs to be (people’s expectations are extremely high) for the average user who sees an ad on Instagram? I’d encourage your team to think of a staged approach, happy to help on this go-to-market strategy if needed.

I’d also strongly encourage collaboration with other communities in the ecosystem which may be able to help;

  • Silicon Craftsmen with User Testing
  • Kitchen/Start Guild/Flying Rhine for Marketing
  • NEAR NFTs - Creatives DAO, etc. for awareness.

As David has already mentioned, the amount requested for moderation is quite higher than the average I’ve seen on the ecosystem around $600-800 (up to $1200) per month, specially for such a new project with small community.

Overall, the amount requested is quite large so I would propose having a meeting to get to know you and the team better, specially as this is a one-off request.


Absolutely great and well organized guild.

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Hi @satojandro ,

Thanks for your detailed assessment.

We will be sharing our landing page in the upcoming week.

We have made the roadmap in two and half month timeline, maybe instead of it being a one off payout, we could do it as a milestone system, where we can report it back to the team.

We have contacted all the Dao’s mentioned here we’ll get in touch with them and see how we can take it forward with them.
Thanks for all your suggestion and feedback.

It would be great if we could get on a call to introduce the team and the project, and maybe get some help with the marketing strategy!

I have sent you a DM for the same!

I agree with all of @satojandro’s comments. Have these been accounted for and adjusted in the post above? Thanks

Flying Rhino works with social media of this project.