Cheddar Pulse, OIN & Cheddar Board Emissions

Cheddar is LIVE and we would like to launch Pulse and OIN pools to continue to support the ecosystem. We are also in active conversations with both projects on cross-promotion of Cheddar, more details soon. In addition, the Cheddar Board emissions ended and we need to approve new ones at much lower emissions. Here are the proposed emissions schedules:

Duration: 10 days
Pulse Pool: 30 Cheddar / day
nUSDO Pool: 100 Cheddar / day
Cheddar Board: 1280 Cheddar / day (1 pixel = 0.2 Cheddar per day)

  • Ability to buy Milk with Cheddar will be added in the new year

Total emissions: 14,100 Cheddar

Starting next month we will put proposals forward for monthly emissions, except when a new pool is needed. Please provide any comments, questions or feedback.


finally more cheddar for the community :hearts: