Cheddar Yield Farm Launch!

The Cheddar community board and team are ready to launch the $Ref, $stNEAR, and Bananas pools on the farm! :tada: These pools will have a short run and have lower emissions as we work to solidify utility through partnerships. Both the community board and team know that building utility for Cheddar is the ultimate goal, so we don’t want to unnecessarily inflate the supply. Here are the recommended duration and emissions we welcome your feedback and discussion:

Duration: 10 days
$stNear: 1500 Cheddar / day
$Ref: 500 Cheddar / day
$Bananas: 100 Cheddar / day

Total emissions: 21,000 Cheddar over 10 days

In conjunction with these pools we are actively working on partnerships to use Cheddar:

  • $Pulse - The Pulse board will be voting to allow Cheddar to be used as a token in prediction markets
  • $Ref - We’re working to have Cheddar added to the $Ref farm as rewards
  • NFT Auction - An NFT auction platform is on the roadmap to allow for NFT’s to be bid on with Cheddar. This includes limited edition NFT’s of yours truly. Who knows they could even be the first PowerUps in Cheddar.
  • NEARHub - The NEARHub team has made and is finalizing a metaverse for all you cheese lovers! Keep your eyes :eyes: open for an upcoming scavenger hunt.
  • Cheddar Board - An update to Cheddar Board to allow you to buy Milk with Cheddar.

Please comment and share your thoughts and feedback. With enough support, we will launch the proposal to get the farms out in time for Christmas! :evergreen_tree:


Nice. But what we can do with CHEDDAR tokens now, except holding and swaping on
$REF - do you mean that will be a pool with cheddar for farming on ref or cheddar will be a reward in other farmings?
Cheddar Board (buy milk with cheddar) - great. I suggested this on testnet.