Cheddar BOARD (BerryClub Fork) Emissions Budget

A frequent question we’ve been receiving is how do I get Cheddar? Since the time of the Free Community Farm the ways to farm Cheddar have been limited as we awaited a contract audit. In order to answer this some of the team sat down in Lisbon to discuss ways we can expand the user base without inflating the supply unnecessarily and this is where the idea of Cheddar BOARD was born.

Cheddar BOARD is a fork of BerryClub the first yield farm on NEAR Protocol. We chose BerryClub because it already had positive community engagement and it would add a fun way for users to farm Cheddar…

Cheddar BOARD will allow users to buy Milk with NEAR, Draw Pixels and Farm Cheddar. Instead of just a straight fork we made some changes:

  • Expand the board size to a little less than double
  • Added a “View My Board” feature that shows your board while selected
  • Added a “Blacklist” feature for bots and bad actors
  • Created rules: NO Bots and NO Board Hogs
  • No Berry Farm fork. All NEAR goes to the Cheddar DAO
  • Users get 2 free Milk’s instead of 20

We have actively been testing on TestNet and plan to finalize the testing this week. The next step is for the Cheddar DAO to approve the initial duration and emissions of the new game before launching on MainNet. Here is what we are proposing:

Duration: 10 days
Emissions: 6,400 Cheddar per Day
Total Emissions: 64,000 Cheddar

After the initial launch with high rewards ends the Cheddar BOARD emissions will be lowered to a reasonable schedule.

Please provide your comments feedback and questions. Once we receive enough feedback to move forward we will propose an official vote on the Cheddar DAO.


Great idea to farm Cheddar. Fun and compelling!

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Will be possible to buy milk for CHEDDAR?
Will be available swap MILK-CHEDDAR?
Will be available pools on REF with Near-Milk, Cheddar-Milk?