Cheddar Pool - Stake Cheddar -> Farm Cheddar

The Free Community Farm ends in several hours at UTC 23:59 - Don’t forget to unstake NEAR. We had planned to have the $Ref, $stNEAR and $Banana phase2 (p2) pools ready, however we were delayed in delivery. We are now awaiting an audit that could take several more weeks to a month before deploying these pools to MainNet.

The p2 contract is actively being tested on TestNet and can be found here:

With this in mind, we would like to propose a plan to keep farmers engaged while awaiting the full audit. We propose for the Cheddar DAO to approve a limited engagement of the p2 contract to Stake Cheddar → Farm Cheddar on MainNet. This is a low risk measure as Cheddar does not presently have a value and it also meets two objectives:

  1. Allows farmers to use their freshly minted Cheddar to stack more Cheddar
  2. Battle tests the p2 contract prior to the audit

Here are the pool details:

  1. Stake: Cheddar
  2. Farm: Cheddar
  3. Duration: 20 days after launch
  4. Emissions: 0.28 Cheddar per minute

Please let us know your feedback and thoughts on this proposal, if there is enough positive support we will officially submit a proposal to the Cheddar DAO.


Very good and reasonable idea. Facilitating project supporters!


Great opportunity to give early farmers a risk-free reward :+1:


yep, good plan, agreed


Sounds like a good way to put that Ched to work!


Totally agree good proposal.

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Sounds reasonable to me. :blush:


This is a beautyful Idea to bridge the time until the new contracts are audited! Great opportunity for early farmers to stake their $Cheddar farming more Cheese!


totally agree! We expect more use of Cheddar in near future :smiley:

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It sounds like an easy way to play around with cheddar.
One thing to report while un-staking was that it took several attempts to unstake everything, it seems like it did one pool at the time. I almost walked away after the first confirmation, but realise that it unstaked around 10% only.



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Sounds reasonable,agreed

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good propose, how to vote ?

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a great plan. I’m really looking forward to this event

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Kế hoạch rất tốt. Nhưng hiện tại tôi có thể lấy các token test ở đâu

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Kế hoạch rất tốt. Nhưng hiện tại tôi có thể lấy các token test ở đâu. Với lại các tohen Cheddar đã có thì sử dụng thế nào.

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Good job, i experienced staking on Cheddar farm, it’s great.

good idea! keep going, i happy to joining.

how i get test coin?
my testnet wallet only have Near token!

I was spend whole time to farming cheddar last event. And now it even more interesting

Very good. But I cant test stack stNear on overthere.