Chain Typing - Simple Games

Chain Typing:

Over the past month, I’ve been working on a simple game. This is now deployed to mainnet. It is a blockchain typing game, to help improve efficiency at typing. In order to play the game, it’s needed to own a Chain Avatar Character. Each character is represented on a Mural Leaderboard of all typing characters. There will only be 100 avatars available to play this v1 of the game. These are listed by default in order of most words typed correctly.

They may be used as a sort of advertising space, holding a description.

Donations of 3 N per character will go to the Simple Games DAO to help fund v2 which aims to be play to earn. There are no guarantees, although we will do our best!

Simple Games:

Simple Games wants to build small, simple games, which aim to be play to earn. Eventually we would like these games to be embedded and accessible via 2D Metaverse space, as mini-games.


Made with grateful help from community members from the ecosystem, including the Human Guild, testers from the Gaming Guild, and other advisors! :slight_smile: