[APPROVED] Protocol Pawns <> Gaming DAO

Main information

Project Name: Protocol Pawns
Project URL: https://protocol-pawns.com/
Project’s Public Github: Protocol-Pawns · GitHub
Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/ProtocolPawns
Telegram Server Address: Telegram: Contact @protocolpawns

Game information

Briefly Describe your project

Protocol Pawns is the very first fully decentralized chess game. All game logic runs on the Near Protocol blockchain in a smart contract. You can challenge other players/wallets or play against an AI. The game is already live on the BOS.

You can also earn on-chain points (aka non transferrable Fungible Tokens) by playing the game. These will later be exchangable 1:1 for a play-to-earn token that protects minting via Nada Bot sybil resistance. You can earn additional points by completing recurring daily & weekly quests or one time achievements.

There will also be money matches and a betting feature. Those are technically also already implemented in the smart contract, but no frontend live.

What is the USP (unique selling point) of your game?

There are very few games that can run fully on-chain. Chess as it is turn based can be one of those, so I dedicated myself to build such a game for Near. By playing chess on a blockchain you have full transparency of what players have been doing.

Chess is probably one of the most played and most well known games around the world. Even onboarding a very small percentage of those gamers would be a big win, but the current narrative is rather aligned with existing blockchain users. The immediate next step for Protocol Pawns is to launch inside the Near Telegram wallet from HOT. There is an app store dedicated to games.

How does your game align with the NDC and Gaming WG KPIs?

By launching in the HOT wallet’s app store Protocol Pawns will be exposed to potentially thousands of new daily users, allowing them to directly interact with the blockchain inside Telegram.

Please Describe Your User Demographic:

Actual Data:

Between 0-4 DAUs.
154 UAW and 1.72k transactions total.


Telegram: 34 members. It is planned to launch a Sharddog drop and allow users to register themselves as OGs to earn lifetime bonuses for the game.

Predicted Data:

With the HOT wallet app store launch Protocol Pawns will be exposed to multiple thousands of users.

What is your Tech Stack?

Smart Contract - Rust, Near SDK
BOS frontend - BOS engine v1
Dapp - Svelte, TypeScript
API - Cloudflare Workers, Typescript
Indexer - Rust, Near Lake

Status of the Project

What is status of you project?

Live - with NEAR Integrations on mainnet

What is financial status of your project?

Team is covering expenses. There are almost no expenses.


How many Team Members are working on the project?


Please Tell Us About Your Development Team

Mario Reder - I’m a Near OG dev since '21 and have been developing Shroom Kingdom in the past. I now work full time for Orderly Network. I also developed various smaller widgets or projects on Near.

Please Tell Us About Your BD Team

No dedicated BD team.

Please Tell Us About Your Marketing / Community Building Team

No dedicated marketing team.


What Kind Of Support Is Needed?


Please provide more information about the selected areas

I mostly request funding to outsource the development of a professional landing page. It would also be decent to get some retroactive funding for myself and future development.


Grant Amount Requested


Please provide a budget breakdown

Outsourcing of landing page:
I want Telegram: Contact @pysrxyz to develop a professional landing page. He also developed the Shitzu landing page: https://shitzuapes.xyz/

Since I basically don’t have any design and branding, he also needs to do that, which is why the total estimate is 10 working days. Additioanlly to the. Total cost: 10 days _ 8 hours _ 60$/hour (hourly rate) = 4,800$

Retroactive grant:
1,500$ for the work I already put into Protocol Pawns. First commit dates back to mid March '23.

Payment for future development & hosting:

Server cost ~ 15$/month
AWS for Near Lake ~15$/month
Cloudflare Workers API - min 5$ + additional fees based on usage
Total: 1,500$ including hosting & development costs

Total budget breakdown:

6,300$ immediately for landing page & retroactive grant
1,500$ later for reaching milestone

Roadmap & Milestones:

Milestone 1 (upfront) - 4800$ Landing Page design & development

Milestone 2( already completed ) - 1500$

Milestone 3 (retro after finishing) - 1500$ launching inside HOT wallet.

Additional roadmap items can be found here:

Have you applied for any other funding programs so far?

I won a hackathon bounty from Pikespeak worth 300N, which was around 600$ at that time.


NEAR Integration

Will the game be NEAR exclusive or is it planned to integrate other chains or a web2 version?

Near exclusive


Congratulations! Gaming DAO is pleased to support you by allocating $7800 divided into 3 Milestones:

Milestone 1 (upfront) - 4800$ Landing Page design & development

Milestone 2(already completed - pay now) - 1500$

Milestone 3(retro) - 1500$ launching inside HOT wallet.


Milestone report

Next steps:

  • make the new web app feature complete with current smart contact functionalities except wager matches and betting, because these features need to be audited first.
  • potentially improve current API & indexer for better UX