CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) Feb -2023

In the NEAR Chinese community group, we promptly report on current market fluctuations, provide users with correct guidance, promote deeper understanding of NEAR, increase community discussion volume, and maintain discussion quality at a high level.

Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram.



NEAR Chinese Group Members:8908

NEAR Advanced Group:555

Community Activities:
The Chinese community of NEAR has actively shared and translated the latest news of NEAR, constantly expanding the influence of NEAR among Chinese users to enhance their deeper understanding of NEAR to increase the community groups members and encourage community members to discuss more positive ideas,for example, inviting project teams to the community to conduct an AMA event which aroused wide attention and discussion in the community:

1.The Phoenix Bonds AMA event held on the evening of February 1st Beijing time.

2.NEAR & Aurora Chinese Community X @aurigami_PLY AMA held on the evening of February 22nd Beijing time.

Good morning! Thanks for great job! What the source of your community funding?

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