CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) Feb -2023

In the NEAR Chinese community group, we promptly report on current market fluctuations, provide users with correct guidance, promote deeper understanding of NEAR, increase community discussion volume, and maintain discussion quality at a high level.

Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram.



NEAR Chinese Group Members:8908

NEAR Advanced Group:555

Community Activities:
The Chinese community of NEAR has actively shared and translated the latest news of NEAR, constantly expanding the influence of NEAR among Chinese users to enhance their deeper understanding of NEAR to increase the community groups members and encourage community members to discuss more positive ideas,for example, inviting project teams to the community to conduct an AMA event which aroused wide attention and discussion in the community:

1.The Phoenix Bonds AMA event held on the evening of February 1st Beijing time.

2.NEAR & Aurora Chinese Community X @aurigami_PLY AMA held on the evening of February 22nd Beijing time.

Good morning! Thanks for great job! What the source of your community funding?

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CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) Mar -2023

March has been a hot month for the Chinese community NEAR China, even though the crypto market is still in the cold. In March, we posted more than 40 articles on Twitter, always expressing our love for NEAR with the fullest enthusiasm.

  1. Here are some social media numbers:
    Followers:5193 (+99)

NEAR Chinese Group Members: 8,757 (-155)

NEAR Advanced Group:548 (-7)

2.Community Activities:
In order to keep increasing attention of NEAR in the Chinese community, we actively translate and share reports of NEAR and news from other media platforms.

Here are the community statistics:
1). The Chinese community NEAR has always maintained a high degree of community activity.

2). In March, we organised an AMA with Meteor Wallet. To expand publicity for the ecological project NEAR.

We will continue to work together to protect our neighborhood and our homeland. Trust that everything will be all right.

Thank you!!!

CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) Apr -2023
Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram:


NEAR Chinese Group Members:9893

Community Activities:
To celebrate the #NEARinHK event,NEAR Chinese Community held 2 giveaway events,this obviously helps increase community group activity and membership, resulting in a total of 1136 new community members,it can help alleviate the pessimistic mood of community members caused by the price drop during the bear market and focus their attention on NEAR:

That is all,thanks.

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CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) May -2023
Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram:
Followers:10072 (+1205)

NEAR Chinese Group Members:10495 (+602)

Community Activities:
In May, we posted nearly 40 original articles on Twitter and organized three events:
1).5.1 Labor Day Prize Quiz and

2). AMA in association with QSTN,

3). AMA in association with the NEAR Vietnamese Communit.

CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) June -2023
Here is social media statistic of NEAR(Aurora) Chinese Twitter & Telegram:
Twitter Followers:NEAR(10.1K),Aurora(4.2K).

Telegram Chinese Group Members:NEAR(10625),Aurora(2291).

Community Activities:
1.The Chinese community organizes Dragon Boat Festival event:

2. AMA in Aurora Chinese Communit with Metapool:

3.Aurora CN Community Quiz:

4.Aurora CN the event of Let’s guess the Picture!

These activities obviously help increase community group activity and membership,let us keep moving.

CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) Jul -2023
Here is social media statistic of NEAR(Aurora) Chinese Twitter & Telegram:
Twitter Followers:NEAR(11408),Aurora(4439).

Telegram Chinese Group Members:NEAR(10828),Aurora(2052).

Some key data indicators:

Community Activities:
1.Joint LiNEAR organizes pledge incentive activities.

2.NEAR Wallet Migration officially launched: How to choose the best NEAR wallet for you?

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