CCM Guild Monthly Report (China) May 26 -2021

CCM Guild Monthly Report (China) May 26 -2021

Guild Name: China Community Management Team

What we have done during May:
1,We increased our group followers by over 500+
2, Keep the offical community groups Neat, and encourage community memebers to discuss more about positive ideas. (We spent a lot of time on this part)
3, Online discussion with our guild members. and confirmed what we want to do next:

  1. Recruilt more NEAR fans to join us to maintenance the communities order and atmosphere
  2. prepare training materials for our new recruits, including

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Awesome group growth @weiser ! I’m intrigued, how does one keep their community group neat? :smiley: :ear:

How many communities are you guys maintaining :open_mouth: ?

Btw, we’ll be reaching out very soon to discuss rewards, please expect to hear from Community Squad next week! Hope to meet you soon!

CCM Guild Monthly Report (China) Aug -2022

  1. Although it’s still the winter of the crypto world and the community is not active, we are still keeping the number of people in the community intact and hopefully we can get through this period together.

  2. In August, we organized two AMA sessions. On August 5th, Kyle from Sender Wallet shared his vision for the future of Sender Wallet. On August 19th, Sofia from PembRock came to the NEAR Chinese community to share with us why PembRock chose to develop on NEAR, and PembRock’s future plans.
    Through the interaction with the project, we have promoted the activity of the community and helped the community to better understand the project. In the future, we will arrange more AMA activities.

  1. The cold winter is still going on, CCM will spend it with the members of NEAR all over the world, and it is believed that spring will finally usher in.