CCM Guild Monthly Report (China) Nov -2022

Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram.


Followers: 2444 (-16)



NEAR Chinese Exchange Group: 7301 (+47)

NEAR Advanced AC Group: 608 (-10)

Community Activities:

  1. The Chinese community of NEAR has actively shared and translated the latest news of NEAR, constantly expanding the influence of NEAR among Chinese users.

  2. In the Chinese community NEAR, we informed the current market fluctuations and provided correct guidance to users NEAR to enhance their deeper understanding of NEAR. The amount of community discussion increased by 7.3% compared with October.

  3. In November, Twitter posted 33 original tweets.

  4. The Chinese community in NEAR held a large-scale AMA together with Spin, which aroused wide attention and discussion in the community.

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Good morning :smiley:! Did you get any grants for your community from Near Foundation? Thank you :blush: