CCM Guild Monthly Report (Chinese) Dec -2022

Here is social media statistic of NEAR Chinese Twitter & Telegram.

Chinese Telegram group(Telegram: Contact @NEAR_China) members by over 730(7301→8032), nearly 9.9% growth:

NEAR Advanced Group: 591 (-17)

Twitter followers: 3000 (+556)

Community Activities:
1.The Chinese community of NEAR has actively shared and translated the latest news of NEAR, constantly expanding the influence of NEAR among Chinese users to enhance their deeper understanding of NEAR to increase the community groups members and encourage community members to discuss more positive ideas:

2.In December, Chinese Twitter posted 41 original tweets.

3.The Chinese community held a large-scale AMA together with Nepbot on December
29th 2022, which aroused wide attention and discussion in the community.

4.For celebrate New Year and Christmas to keep community is more active,NEAR Chinese Community held event in December:

That’s all and have a nice day.