Call for spoken word artists

Call for spoken word artists
We have over 150 telegram members, 83 subscribers on Youtube, 130 followers on twitter.

For this month, we would like to incorporate other aspects of arts to our project.
We are going to make an open call for spoken word artists/poet to write and speak on the topics that fosters around Near protocol and its attributes.

• 1minute video expressing their selves in any language
• Post on twitter and tag Near x Art
• Mint in the spoken words store ( store not yet to be deployed)

1st position - $150
2nd position - $100
3rd position - $70
4TH position - $50
6.5Near to deploy store
Total: $370 + 6.5near


  1. To onboard spoken word artists to the creatives Dao
  2. To create contents for our YouTube channel and other social platforms
  3. To keep the creatives dao abreast with all forms and type of art.

When can we start?
This looks very interesting


Is the bounty already open??

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Happy you love the idea!
The bounty will be opened soon!

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The bounty will be open soon!
I would remember to tag you in it :grin:


The bounty is up!

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