[Report] Spoken Words artist Bounty

The aim of this initiative was to onboard spoken words creatives and give visibilty to Near and it attributes via the use of spoken words.

This initiative directly and indirectly enlightened participants and viewers on attributes of web3 and Near.

We received entries that fostered on Near Dapps like ref.finance, etc.

NFT store: [spokenword.mintbase1.near on Mintbase]
(spokenword.mintbase1.near on Mintbase)

Total views & online tractions: 3,500+ views, 1,000likes+

New wallets: 25

Total minted: 67

Total no. of NFT owners: 16

No of entry - 50+

Winner - https://twitter.com/NearxArt/status/1590596430355660800?s=20

1st runner up - https://twitter.com/NearxArt/status/1590594591396605952?s=20

2nd runner up - https://twitter.com/NearxArt/status/1590592699068870657?s=20

3rd runner up - https://twitter.com/NearxArt/status/1590595303052546050?s=20

Challenges Faces:

  • Artist encountered difficulty in the minting of their entry due to glitches from Mintbase

  • The drop in Near price significantly reduced the winners rewards.

  • Limitation of Near dapps structured for creative purpose and activities.

We hope for a better user experience in the second edition of this bounty.

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