C1 Guild / Lagos state University( LASU) blockchain club event

C1 has the opportunity to sponsor and speak at a blockchain educational event at Lagos State University. The event is being organized by a Blockchain Social Club, and will include speakers from different organizations and attended by enthusiasts @YewandeWrites @DMF1104

We feel this will be a great opportunity to speak about NEAR Protocol, Mintbase, and C1 Guild, and onboard people who are actively seeking out a supportive community.

@JCB will deliver a 10 minute presentation via zoom, while Dedeukwu will attend in person to guide attendees through the onboarding process.

For the sponsorship, C1 will purchase beverages and snacks for the attendees which will costs $200 USD.

C1 has a balance of 50N in DAO and will use 18N to cover this expense.
Wallet: dedeukwu.near


Let’s get it done @Dedeukwu. I look forward to this event and speaking. Please move it to the DAO.