Metric for C1 Guild for September

For the month of October, we have had two reach-out to Lagos State University, (LASU). The first meeting held on October 15th, where the team met with the university’s forum headed by DMF, the Faculty of Arts president. At the meeting, Dedeukwu addressed them on the blockchain and crypto and how C1 Guild intend to assist them begin their journey through making relevant contribution to the blockchain. More interested students were onboarded, and NEAR wallets created.
On the 30th of October, we were attended the university’s Blockchain Club, which we cofounded. The workshop held in their CBT hall. JCB was streamed live to address the eager students willing to find their place in the Blockchain network. Dedeukwu went on stage shortly after to further buttress valid points, breakdown the process to the students, and entertain their questions.
We met with MPK, a blockchain group from Kano whom we intend to run the marketing aspect of the guild through. We were able to confirm from them that we are their next in line for a project collaborations would commence in November.
We are also in talks with Yewande on getting to join the Blockchain group for access to the Blockchain club in other schools like the University of Nigeria, University of Port Harcourt, and some other Universities.
Our projects with UNILAG are on hold because the school is currently on recess.

Attached to this report are the near wallets created in the house of this month’s outreach and photographs taken at each event.



Awesome job to the team! The Blockchain club event was a ton of fun!

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