[Bountyin STANDBY] Translation of existing articles about Mintbase. 20 to 30 USD in NEAR

This bounty is in standby as I am occupied checking all the produces articles until now

Another sweet bounty coming in for our dear mintbase community <3

We want to enable as many people as possible to profit from the knowledge that is out there about Mintbase & MintbaseDAO.

That’s why we are setting up this bounty for people translating our articles from our medium or the old ones from the createbase blog.

We will be offering 30 USD per article that is translated.

As we can only really check portuguese and spanish articles, for now we will be focusing on these two languages.

If you want to translate to any other language, please let us know. As we can’t really check gramatics and quality of these translations, we can only offer 20USD for other languages.

Attention: on this link translation of articles - Google Sheets you can check which articles are being worked on, or were already written

To participate:

  1. Comment on this bounty linking to the article(s) you want to translate and into which language.

  2. We will approve or not if we need that article translated.

  3. If approved, start translation.

  4. Submit link to translation as comment on this bounty.

  5. If approved by any of the council members, you can submit payout proposal to the Mintbase AstroDAO


I am ready to translate medium articles . This one and more.

Languages - Hindi and Tamil.

would like to know from you whether i can start my work.

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Okay so start with the mintbase history article in hindi & tamil. @ryder90

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Hello, I will like to translate Guide for getting new artists set up on NEAR & advice to help them with sales - MintbaseDAO to the three major Nigerian Languages. That is Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

Sure. is there any deadline?

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This week would be great. Can you do that? @ryder90

@IgbozeIsrael hmm, that article speaks more often about paras then about mintbase. Just leave the paras part out maybe? And write about sending welcoming gift nfts from mintbase? :slight_smile:


Hi I want to translate this post: Guide for getting new artists set up on NEAR & advice to help them with sales - MintbaseDAO
into Vietnamese.


Sure, that will be great.

I will work on https://medium.com/mintbase/mintbase-history-how-did-we-get-here-cdd532292188 too

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Hi, I more than available to help with PT translation duties :+1:t3:

I can tackle this article is one since the most recent one on Medium

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hey @TRENDHEO and @IgbozeIsrael you can translate this one ( Guide for getting new artists set up on NEAR & advice to help them with sales - MintbaseDAO ) if you write about how to set up your store, or are added to an open store, explain how minting works on mintbase etc or you both wait for the new article on how to use mintbase to be written by @Ligaya and then translate that when it is ready.

The articlue you both chose does not talk enough about mintbase… so if you insist on doing this one, you will need to do the changes.


@parisinocencio yes, you can start

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Start with one please and when it is done we can think about doing a second one @IgbozeIsrael


Yo quisiera empezar con:

Store Of The Week: Gambiarra. Gambiarra is the Brazilian word for the… | by Regina | Mintbase | Dec, 2021 | Medium

Y luego:

2021 at Mintbase: a year in review (and a look ahead) | by Regina | Mintbase | Jan, 2022 | Medium

Estos artículos ya están traducidos al español, solo los anexo para conocimiento de los demás.

Estos 3 estan en español, para que no existan duplicados o algo por el estilo. @marianeu


Gracias! You can start with the store of the week translation @Butneversaved


Can I just work on this? https://medium.com/mintbase/mintbase-history-how-did-we-get-here-cdd532292188

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Surely i am more than happy to do the same.
I am from hindi background.
And have done translation on ows opportunities.

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Okay, what do you want to translate?

Ok @IgbozeIsrael - to which language?

Hello, I will like to translate:

Introducing Our First Store Of The Week: Fashion Interrupted


Accepting NFTs here: bringing NFTs to real life in the streets of Lisbon

Is that right?, Thank You.


Hi @jeph lets start with one, and then go one by one. OK?
With which one would you like to start? You are translating to spanish right?

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