[Bounty] TenK Bay Discord/Twitter Designs - $100 in N

Hello everyone!

Bounty/project brief:
We are extremely close to launching TenK! An on-ramp for creators to launch generative NFT collections on NEAR and foster communities via Discord. Before we can launch, we need a proper logo and background.

Estimated reward in $N/$USD:
$100 in NEAR at the time of payout

Details & desired output:

Design Ideas:
Creative designs will be rewarded and you can reuse images/themes across platforms to demonstrate a cohesive brand.

Your design could include:

  • Images related to Bays (palm trees, water, islands, sand, huts)
  • Something to symbolize a creative community coming together (shooting star, rainbow, people or objects congregating)
  • Your wildest dreams

Do you have any questions? Comment them below or post them in Discord

Most importantly have fun and we look forward to seeing your designs!



If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out the Design Guild.

They have a form for design requests here, but I’d recommend jumping in their Discord and speaking to @alanborger nd co, too.


Thank you for the excellent recommendation! I will reach out to them now :slight_smile: