[BOUNTY] Telegram stickers For NDC V1 Gov & Community Engagement

Telegram Sticker Competition For NDC & Community Engagement.

Freelancer Dao would be having a sticker Competition for our Community and the FDAO council would choose top 3 best entry and out of the 3, the Verified Engagers would be picking 1 winner through a DAO vote so voting would be carried out onchain.

200$ to the winner of the Competition and the remaining 2 from the top 3 would have to mint their Sticker sample as an NFT on our store on Mintbase and our DAO would purchase their Stickers as an NFT 100$ for distribution evenly to top 2, giving 50$ (40.98N @1.22) to each.
Each NFT should be a fix amount 4.1N

Criteria for participation

  • Have a NEAR wallet (xxxx.near)
  • Must be IAH Verified. if not can make an appeal to the core contributors with active social accounts or other proposed means to prove humanity.
  • Reply this post with a sample of you illustration style (the one you will use to develop the stickers)
  • Ability to deliver the stickers in less than 5 days after being announced the overall winner.
  • Overall winner would need to work with core contributors to finish the final work
  • You must follow our socials on linktree and join our telegram

What are we Expecting?

  • An avatar that looks like a ninja, Superhero or any concept or an avatar with a cool costume.
  • No Copyright allowed, entry must be original and unique.
  • Creative and clear
  • One entry illustration of your proposed sample design.

Rules on how rewards would be distributed

  • Winner (1st) would work with core contributors to create the sticker effectively then afterwards propose a transfer on our Astrodao.
  • The 2 winners (2nd & 3rd) would have to mint each 10 of their stickers in png format in our store, 1 sticker design should be minted at 4.1N, so we are buying 10 minted stickers at 4.1N each from the 2nd & 3rd winner.

Suggested Write up on stickers

1. Let’s do this 8. Let’s Pump it
2. Hello Admin 9. Have you voted ?
3. Welcome to Decentralization 10. Your Voice is needed
4. Beep boop 11. Congratulations to your Win
5. Are you a Verified Human? 12. OG in the Building
6. The Future is NEAR 13. GM
7. We are a Community 14. Let’s Build on the BOS


This is how your entry should look like, your collections in one page

Our Store on Mintbase

Note: funds are available on our Astrodao Bounty would be rewarded after task completion or accomplishment.

Deadline for Submission of sample - 14th of September


Nice, will start working on it…

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Amazing challenge! Let’s get to work

Let’s fucking go!!!

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Love to take part in the contest
I would be submitting sticker set of Blue Ninja representing FDAO :blush:
Hope you all love it

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Here is my Entry as the Telegram Stickers for FDAO telegram channel !
Ninja here represents the Spirit of a true Engager and its Blue color shows the Stability of Old and Inspiration to the New :ninja:

Sticker Link


let’s do this!!!


Good Day Fam is this still open?


@Ligaya read main post and participate, read carefully and follow all instructions


Let’s go , Presenting my entry soon :ninja::ninja:


Being creative can be near to NDC :blush::blush:
Lets outshine our talents.


you know what
i am winning this for sure.
sarcasm is low in this. :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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Hey, I wanna submit my entry but I am still a new user so i cannot post a picture is there any other way to submit the same Community MarketingDAO :smiling_face:

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Please send to my dm on telegram @psalm_boma and I would help you post it on forum

Hello everyone

im excited to Participate in this contest


:loudspeaker: Deadline for sticker contest would be extended to Friday 15th since many said they needed little time.
after Friday entry ,sticker competition would be closed and winners would be selected.
So let’s do this.

The image above :point_up_2:should be your sample of how your entry should look like a one pager display of your collection of 10

Please read the rules above :point_up_2:


Thanks sir I will try to complete mine soon :hugs::hugs:

Good luck #FDAO fam! I’m ready to download some stickers :sunglasses::sweat_smile:

Here is My Entry Sir i follow the Design rules & what Suggested Write on per Stickers Hope you like my work and effort Goodluck.



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Posting the sticker competition e try for @WooJackii as he’s new and can’t post images or links to the forum at this time.

Sticker link