[BOUNTY] Seramika During Christmas Season

Seramika During Christmas Season

Christmas is coming and we are here to bring you the merrily festive Christmas traditions in the Philippines
Come and join us! Show how much you know about Filipino’s Christmas Tradition.
What: Art Contest
When: Dec. 14~ Dec. 25, 2022 (11:59 pm)
Who: Everyone
How: Create an artwork visualizing the Filipino traditions on Christmas Season using Seramika (Our official avatar)
1st: 100usd + f.a.g shirt
2nd: 50usd + f.a.g shirt
3rd: 25usd + f.a.g shirt
Judging: In order to avoid bias judging we will choose 2 judges from the council, 1 judge from near community and 2 judges from the guild

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Hi everyone this is my entry for FAG event.

Simbang gabi Day 9

In order to depict the modern Christmas, where everyone attends simbang gabi and then spends time with their families in a night market, I produced this artwork. It’s seramika strolling around the late-night marketplace. In addition, I drew a phone because the majority of people these days walk around with their phones in hand.

I hope you like it.



Entry for Bounty

Christmas is the brightest holiday there is for Filipinos. Everyone is singing, Some are dancing but the most important of all is everyone is giving! I personally chose the theme of “Simbang gabi.” Because i’m always left speechless by the colors of a church during christmas. Every corner i could feel warmth and the spirit of christmas. I hope everyone finds the warmth i found during this season. Wishing everyone a merry christmas!



Seramika During Christmas Season

This art is inspired of our Diverse culture and traditions during Christmas Season I would call this the town of hope, love, peace for our love ones, "Family means having someone who loves you unconditionally, regardless of who you are or what your flaws are. Even when it is difficult, family members love and support one another. It is being the best person you can be in order to inspire your loved ones. Seramika at the center to encourage and embrace the culture of Christmas wherein FAMILY IS LOVE.

Full Details of the Art

Visual Concept draft sketches

Artflow of the Character (Seramika the official Character of filipino artist guild)


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Merry Christmas to you​:santa:

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Merry Christmas to you :heart:

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Merry Christmas to you. :heart:

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Maligayang Pasko sa iyo :heart:

“Filipino’s Christmas Tradition”
Introducing the normal yet fun Filipino Christmas Traditions, Noche Buena, Simbang Gabi, and Karoling. Common but heartwarming. I hope this portrait brings you love and warmth this holiday season.

Maligayang pasko sa lahat!

Id: sodaaa.near


Red Envelopes (knows as 红包, hóngbāo)

Etched in the traditions of the Filipino is giving away these red envelopes filled with money.
This is one of the most awaited gifts for the “pamangkin or inaanak” from their “ninongs and ninangs”.
Red is considered a symbol of luck, life and happiness. In China, it is believed that these red envelopes will bring luck to the person who receives it and also to the person that gives it.
Gifts are fun to unwrap, but receiving a red envelope is just as exciting.

This tradition is another reminder for Filipinos that Christmas is indeed a season of giving.

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GM Fam! Here’s my entry ✯
I was actually having a trouble choosing the concept I want to portray. So then I decided to put them all into one picture ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ

Here is Seramika showing different Filipino traditions during Christmas. Filipino loves gift giving, decorating, singing, cooking, eating, and asking ‘aguinaldo’ during Christmas season. The spirit of Christmas always have a place in every Filipinos’ heart. It is one of the most exciting season in a year.

Happy holidays everyone! ⁠☆☆



MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH SERAMIKA :heart::ribbon::sparkles:

When September hits every Filipino family, City, province lights their own lantern and you can hear everyone is singing Jose Mari Chan’s Song especially his famous Christmas In our Hearts and ofcourse exchanging gifts will never be forgotten in the Christmas Eve.


Without the brilliant, glittering, and colorful parol, which is a traditional Christmas lantern in the Philippines, the holiday season will not be as thrilling. Filipino people were used to hang parol in their home as part of decoration as well as representation of the birth of Christ, it also represents the triumph of light over darkness, the actual meaning of Christmas, and the resourcefulness that is uniquely Filipino.



Philippines is known for celebrating Christmas like you have never celebrated before. Where every kid or even adults goes into different houses singing christmas songs and leave an happy faces on everyone. When dec 15 comes the Simbang Gabi starts, where a lot of people are welcoming and praying to God. When you have completed the 9 days of it you will going to wish and believing that it will become true. After mass there are tons of places who serves puto bumbong and bibingka as Christmas delicacies.



The Christmas season has ended and so our event. Now it’s time to celebrate as we announce the winners of our bounty, “Seramika During Christmas Season.”

Let’s all congratulate the winners

1st: sodaa.near (@SodaChan)
2nd: louietism.near (@louietism)
3rd:krizzy (@krizzy)

All of you did a great job.

We also would like to thank the judges;
@quiapogi.near, @nirvanaraf11, @chloe, @mdsign, and @wincreation.near.

We’re all gonna make it! :heart_on_fire:


Wow! Thank you so muchhh​:heavy_heart_exclamation:

Maraming salamat po :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_hands: congratulations everyone to all the winners aja Filipino Artist :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: