(CLOSEDFilipino Artist Guild X Vietnamese Artist Dao Cross Collab Week 11-12


Week 11-Week 12 Art Challenge


Theme/Concept: Vietnamese Culture

Rules and Mechanics:

*Draw it with your own style,

*Chibi /Vexel /Vector/ Digital Paint/ Anime

*The Contest will Start May 10,2022
Deadline of Submission: May 20,2022

*Announcing of Winners May 25,2022

The Winners Will be Selected by the VAD Council

*Likes and Positive feedbacks about your art/Entry Can help you put in the list,

*It does not mean that you have the most heart react will make you a winner, it will just help the council to Select the winner.

Creativity,Cleanliness,Originality, Quality is the most Important

*Any art style is acceptable.

Make your Own Style means you have to Draw and Follow The Concepts

Take Note: All Participant Need to Research and explore Vietnamese Cultures and Traditions and You will Draw it On your Style.

Once we Found out that your Works Are not Original we will Disqualify it Right Away.

5 Winners

Ist Prize: 7N

2nd Prize: 5N

3rd Prize: 4N

4th Prize: 3.5N

5th Prize : 2.5N

And Also Vietnamese Artist Dao Will Give Special Prizes To Our Top 5 winners.:heart::relaxed:

New Members of the Guild And In Near Forum are Welcome To Join.

When Submitting Your Entry please Attach your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS at the bottom of your entries,

We also appreciate some Short Word or explanation about your Piece.

If anyone has a question feel Free to Mention the Council in our Telegram Channel or Dm us privately as long as it is related to the event. Welcome To Our Week 11-12 Art Challenge
Filipino Artist Guild X Vietnamese Artist Dao Cross Collab.

Good Luck Everyone And Let your Creativity Shines.

“Winners Arts Should Not Be Minted”

Open For EveryBody,
Filipino Or Not are welcome To Join.


good fortune and love .

Vietnamese people believe that lighting on and floating those lanterns on the sky or river can bring the health and happiness



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Here is my entry, it shows some element when Vietnam celebrate the Tết Trung Thu or Mid-autumn Festival, is also known in Vietnam as the “Children’s Festival”.Those element are the Lion head, this is featured to their Lion Dance, Lantern and the mask that the children bring and wear during on the nightn of full moon,children bearing their lanterns form raucous processions and tour their neighbourhoods singing songs, male dancer wear a round happy-faced mask that symbolises the moon.
And also the Moon cake, they offer it to their ancestor and worship before they feasting on the Moon cake. I choose this part of their culture because it is very colorful and it seems that they all happy celebrating it, it also reminds me of Christmas that is the longsest holiday in the Philippines.



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The Ao dai and Hoi An

We celebrate cultural heritage and its beauty in it through various art we express how we can see value each other cultures and uniquely beautiful diverse community.

the Hoi An Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is one of the most unique attractions of Hoi An and in fact all throughout Vietnam. You can see the lotus flower which also found in the sorroundings.:white_flower::rosette:



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Theme: Vietnamese culture
Family is very strong in Vietnam. They are teaching their children to make sacrifices to ensure the family’s welfare and harmony. Family and clan are valued over individualism. the “book” represents education. Education is valued more than material, wealth, and success in Vietnam, it was the pillar of the culture that begins at home. I also included the four mythical creatures in Vietnam culture. the Phoenix, which represents the empress. The dragon which is symbolises power, nobility and immortality. The unicorm symbolises peace, mercy, and good fortune. And the Turtle which is symbolises longevity, strength, and, intelligence.



The modern traditional costume known as the Ao Dai has not always been the typical form of dress in Vietnam. Previously, clothing was simple for the peasant folk of Vietnam, while the nobility wore versions of Chinese historical clothing known as Ao Giao Linh. This changed in the 18th century, with the advent of a more traditional type of dress that was more suited to both men and women alike. The form of clothing now known as the Ao Dai was developed from the Han Chinese form of dress, due to the requirement of the Nguyen Dynasty for men at court in Hue in 1744 to wear trousers and a gown that buttoned down the front. The garment was described as simply a “Long garment”, and the name Ao Dai was coined.



The Hoi An Lantern Festival is a monthly event that celebrates the full moon. The full moon is one of the most sacred times in the Buddhist calendar. It is said that Buddha was not only born on a full moon but attained enlightenment on a full moon. And so for centuries Buddhists have viewed the full moon as an auspicious time of transformation.

Even today, people all over Asia view the full moon as a time to meditate, observe rituals, reflect on life and worship their ancestors. This is done in many ways, from offerings made at family shrines to the burning of incense and the lighting of candles. In recent years these traditions have morphed into the popular Hoi An Lantern Festival.



Did you know that the Vietnamese accept as a fact that their ancestors continue to live in another realm,
and that it is the duty of the living to meet their needs. In return, the ancestors give advice and bring good fortune.

Despite the historical and cultural differences, both Vietnam and the Philippines almost have this belief and respect for their ancestors

We Filipinos and Vietnamese people realized that many of our ancestors fought so we could have the opportunities we have now.
As our country unites let us work together holding this lantern with a bright light guiding our children with the guide of our ancestors.

We are also the ancestors of our future, so let’s make today as beautiful and as bright as our lanterns.



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" Vẻ đẹp của việt nam "
/ The beauty of Vietnam by rueryesun.near

This illustration wants to showcase that Rich & beautiful culture of vietnam.

The rich culture of Vietnam amazed me. From The Nón Quai Thao ( the traditional Vietnamese flat palm hat ) Their Traditional vietnamese dress Ao dai to their National flower Lotus and To their Musical instruments such as Dan Nguyet and many more.


ID: rueryesun.near


Vietnamese martial arts are highly developed from the country’s long history of warfare and attempts to defend itself from foreign occupation. Although most heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts, they have developed their own characteristics throughout the millennia in combination with other influences from their neighbours. Vietnamese martial arts are deeply spiritual due to the influence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and are strongly reliant on the “Viet Vo Dao” (philosophy of Vietnamese martial arts).

The red background symbolizes revolution and bloodshed. The yellow star represents the five main classes in Vietnamese society — intellectuals, farmers, workers, entrepreneurs, and soldiers. A large yellow star centered on a red field.



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“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”

Traditional clothes of men

The ao gam is the traditional male counterpart to the classic red Vietnamese wedding dress.

The Barong Tagalog is The classic Filipino men will usually wear a barong tagalog on his special events like his wedding.

The yellow background symbolize joy, happiness and positivity. My theme is about traditional dress and the guy is just like the best man wearing Barong Tagalog :grin:



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