[BOUNTY on STANDBY] Receive 60 - 180 USD in NEAR for creating Articles about Mintbase

Ok thank you for the advice :blush:. When is the deadline for this bounty?


one week would be good. will be adding this to the description of the bounty now


Ok noted :relaxed: thank you


Yes! To explain what NFT’s are then introduce mintbase as a market place for NFT @marianeu

Hello @marianeu I’m done with my article regarding this. quote=“marianeu, post:8, topic:12035”]
we want to be the back end, right? So would be cool if you could give a fast overview of functions on mintbase and then on the bounties?
I shared it with your Mintbase email. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16ndnU9LwnG0jeRmk3kiPH0Ggabjq_Pc7/edit?usp=drivesdk&ouid=118310018193427353232&rtpof=true&sd=true.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Hello @marianeu I finished my article. Let me know what you think. Here’s the link:


I will wait for your feedback. Thank you :smiley:

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Hey I had Already Started, Where Should I submit the Articles, in Medium Platform

From here

Own Articles in English About NFT and Mintbase



Hello @marianeu can you please check mine? :relaxed:

@marianeu can you check my article

Hello , Everyone I am new in these Community

I like to Apply for Creating Articles for Mintbase .
Let me Know how can I start


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Hi @IgbozeIsrael I left many notes on your article, please revise.

you also did not write about the bounties.

Hi @Eli22 I requested access

hi @Albhion please show me your article

hi @Ligaya I requested access

hi @Priyanka please tell me what you want to write about


Hey @marianeu

Topic Like

Mintbase Vs Open sea

Why Minting NFTs on Mintbase is Best Option

My Mintbase Journey

Top Benefits to get as Content Creator on Mintbase

Top Benefits as Content Collector on Mintbase

Why NFTs is Hot Topic ? Let’s Find out at Mintbase

Let me Know Can I take This Kind of Topic for my Mintbase Articles @marianeu

Thanks :handshake:

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Please write Mintbase vs Opensea

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Shed light on this please.

I already grant the access maria :relaxed:

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Hi @marianeu shared access already, thank you.

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Hello, thank you for this opportunity, @LuisAponte99 @Nicolasp2 @Arturoahs check this bounty


Hey @FritzWorm, this bounty is on standby for some days until i went through all the articles written until now. Its hard because I feel like I am a english teacher sometimes…

@Ligaya i left many notes


Hi maria i cant see the Comments or notes you Left :heart:

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Sorry I was mistaken!

@Eli22 i left many notes on your article.

@Ligaya i havent gone through yours yet.