Bounty Hunting - 2000$ bounty rewards for Parcel and Avatar Design

RealityChain is Metaverse built on top of Near. The main mission of RealityChain is to provide an interoperable Metaverse-as-a-service product in the most decentralized way.

We have a 2DVerse engine which is already up and running in testnet. Here you can catch the glimpse of our 2DVerse engine.

We Also building our 3D metaverse. Check it out here.

All you need is a Near testnet wallet. And it’s entirely costless to use our platform.

Get your testnet wallet from here:

Coming to the Bounty

We’re looking to find the best Parcel & Asset design for our metaverse engine, Realitychain 2DVerse.

We’re preparing a TOTAL OF $2000 for 10 winners! Five winners for each bounty type.

The price distributions per bounty type are as follows:

  • 1st: $450
  • 2nd: $200
  • 3rd: $150
  • 4th: $125
  • 5th: $75


  • Closing Submission: 10 July 2022
  • Winner Announcement: 12th July 2022

Terms & Condition:

This competition is free, with no registration fee required. We are not responsible if you pay a certain amount of money to a party claiming to be RealityChain

Submissions that do not meet the specifications according to the guidelines can be declared disqualified.

To test minted NFT in the 2DVerse itself, you can go to

Join our Telegram in case of any clarifications

@Monish016 @Ligaya


Are we going to have to draw the objects and the wearables for our avatar ourselves?


Hey hi. Already there will be a set of wearables. All you gotta do is to choose the best outfit or clothing for the Avatar. The best one will be rewarded. And for your Parcel or your space, We do have different types of floors, walls, and a few interactable items. You gotta use all those to design your space. More like an Architect’s work but pretty


Oh, i thought we were supposed to mint them. Thank you.

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If i understand, were supposed to design a space and use the walls, floors and interactables on them?
If so how do we get access to those


Question. I watch the video how to create and dress characters., now im confused., how do will send our entry here.? Using video or screenshot the characters from website or do you need the link from our account to be able to join in this entry. Details is not accurate also. You just ask to create characters for dffrnt design and etc. But no details how we gonna submit here.


Login using near testnet wallet. Buy land and start customizing your own space. When you edit, every option will automatically be visible


Hey Jami. Apologies for the delayed response. We have given out the form in the guide itself. Please make sure you go through the docs

Also please ask us in telegram incase of further clarifications required. Thank you


Hi. I’ve minted some of the avatar and parcel designs but I don’t see them when I go to edit on the 2dverse. What’s wrong?

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Please make sure you go to the same world. We have four worlds and each time you have to edit your avatar and parcel when you enter it for the first time. Also can you please elaborate on your question?

Ive entered the world and edited my avatar and parcel.
Now ive designed some new items for the avatar’s clothings and ive minted it on paras testnet but my challenge is when i come back to the world and click on nfts its doesnt show the nfts ive minted so that i can be able to customize the avatar with them.

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Hello, can you share the link to your minted NFT ? We can help take a look if there’s any problem with the metadata.

Thank you.

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@Elzy10 please respond to the texts. Thank you

Hi Sachin, Really appreciate the idea to split rewards within the community open to all :heart:


Ok @sachinmurali03
I will

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here’s the link:

Can I join and create mine using phone or I can’t? Is it only for PC users?

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RealityChain is mobile compatible. Please feel free to join and all the best.

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Thank you so much, buddy. Cheers :beers:

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Nice I really love to join this bounty, Thankyousomuch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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