[BOUNTY](DRAFT ONSTANDBY) Month Of May Throw Your Tag

Hello Fam, We are back with another bounty.

Graffbase Council Member: @Dedeukwu @Ligaya @Albhion

This Time the Bounty will be interesting

Graffiti DAO Tag Competition
(One entry per person)

This contest is an open call for visual artists/taggers to throw their own tag on the Graff Base

The Guidelines:

  • Create Graffiti on Wall, Any Wooden frame, Glass or Anythings which is tangible
  • Graffiti Looks real, Use your imagination and spread the color :rainbow:
  • Your Art Should be posted on all Social media like ( Twitter / Instagram / Facebook )
  • There is no boundaries in participation but one user can submit one art
  • Top 10 will be chosen after the competition according to the leaderboard

TOP 3 - $ each & rest 7 Will be rewarded with $ each
(payment will be in Near token )

How does it work?

Submit your artwork with your signature on it + the Link you posted on Social Media ( MUST TAG US ) + your near wallet name

On ___________, we will close the Submissions and chose 10 Winners

Please submit only one piece per person

Please Join in Graff Base Telegram for more announcement and get to know each Other.
Telegram: Contact @GraffBase.

You can see Our Throw Your Tag From Last Month,

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