[BOUNTY - CLOSED] Telegram Stickers of Female Philosophers

[BOUNTY] Telegram stickers of Female Philosophers for TPD

Hellow, world!

Philosophers DAO is setting this bounty to create a set of 7 static stickers and 5 stickers with movement for our Telegram group.

You can see the full proposal here:

We are offering 250USD to this bounty (250 USD in NEAR) = 125USD for 7 static stickers and 125 USD for 5 stickers with movement.

To participate you need to:

  • Have a NEAR wallet;
  • Reply this post with a semple of you illustration style (the one you will use to develop the stickers);
  • Compromise to deliver the stickers 7 days after the winner announcement in the style shared here.
  • The council will choose an winner.

The final set is 12 stickers (7 static and 5 with movement) following:

  • Need to be an avatar of a female philosopher, have an owl with it and follow those emotions (happy; loving it; kisses; sad; rolling eyes; angry; surprised; confused; winky; laughing; shy; hug);
  • You can choose which one will be the 7 static and the 5 with moviment png files with transparent background;
  • Cannot be larger than 512 x 512 pixels;
  • Cannot contain copyrighted material (such as images or quotes from popular media);
  • The images need to be autoral.

The bounty will be open until August 25, 2022.

The files need to be given until September 1.

We are super excited to see all the arts <3


Hello! Here are some samples of my art!

Of course they are only examples… I can make modifications if you guys wish.

Thank you for the attention!


Wonderful work, @whoiscavenaghi!


Wow! Loved it @whoiscavenaghi


ok them i’m in, let’s work! :grin:


Obrigada Rodrigo!! Thank you!

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Hi i created Some Stickers for marma J 10 stickers, muti 4 stickers ,the Auction 15 stickers, afro star 13 stickers, and F.A.G 7 stickers.:heart:


Wonderful, Ligaya. We are very glad with your submission. :smiley:


Will do that fam​:heart::blush: thanks :heart_eyes:

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Looking forward to join here again., I have questions. I saw arts submitting but not stickers about philosopher women. Do we need to create a sticker about the philosopher women from the old history same like the philosopher man in the last time bounty.?

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Hypatia of Alexandria

Wallet ID: pemmiee.near


Yes!!! :slight_smile:
It would be excellent!

Oh, Hypatia!!! So cool!!!

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Great! I will love to see your stickers submission. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yesss, Thank you sir!! :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:

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Hello, this Bounty still open? Nice entrys , loveee Hypatia

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This bounty is CLOSED!

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Please, friends, do all the participants have the ability to make stickers with movement too? @whoiscavenaghi @pemmiee @yonakawaii

In case you dont, we will split the bounty through 2 artists with 2 sets of static stickers.


I did not tag @Ligaya because she left the bounty on telegram in favor of @pemmiee. Votes are already happening on telegram.

I remember that we only count votes from DAO members, but all of you are invited to know our telegram community: