[Bounty] Chinese community manager - 100 NEAR

Submitting a 100N payout request for @IothaP per month for being Mintbase China community manager and link to our userbase in China. She has been doing an excellent job and staying very active. The following list includes some of her day-to-day tasks:

  1. Moderating the Mintbase WeChat channel
  2. Taking care of the Chinese Mintbase guild
  3. Represented Mintbase at the online conference “NFT Roundtable.”
  4. Continuously translating YouTube videos and adding subtitles, plus translating Tweets and blogpost.
  5. Posting on Chinese social media.

Thanks, @iotachan, for all the ways that you support the community. Great to know that the community reach will not be limited simply because of geographical, language, or culture barriers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Month: May 2021
Active Role: Mintbase Chinese Community Manager.
Requesting Payout: 100N
Target: iotha.near

Month of May Highlight:

  1. Mintbase Mainnet Launch Chinese Media engagement
  2. Mintbase AMA Chinese media in contact
  3. Caroline’s interview translate
  4. How to open a NFT store on Mainnet tutorial (eng&zh)
  5. Mintbase Group moderate (members 352>199)