[BOUNTY] Art competition. Designing alternative film poster art

thanks dude! i hope i win

My entry to the Art Bounty competition.
Picking a favorite movie poster was a bit challenge for me because have got lots of movies to pick from and sample but THE CALL OF THE WILD just came handy. Kindly enjoy my entry simplicity.
Am Rasheed FIM, a budding creative film maker and photographer, Near enthusiast from Africa.


It’s not the 11th here just yet so i hope there is still time to submit :slight_smile:

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I decided to go with a classic Anime, Ghost in the Shell as it’s a movie that still feels relevant to the future we are headed for today.

I am a Latina multi-disciplinary digital artist based in California with a passion for the digital world.


Yes, you’re in time! It’s still open until midnight tonight GMT.

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If you haven’t read the book I definitely recommend it :slight_smile:

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My name is Agnes Ba, an independent designer and a housewife working around crypto field with my husband.

I’m a big fan of classic & vintage style, my entry is a combination of the vintage style & a 1965 American musical drama film The Sound of Music, produced and directed by Robert Wise. This is my most favorite film and also it has influenced me a lot in my journey to follow art. Just like music, passion for art keep me going ahead.


This was from the Classic and Famous films of my childhood the “Home Alone” i took this photo of my dad when his painting my door alone.

Home Alone is a series of American Christmas family comedy films originally created by John Hughes, and directed by Chris Columbus,etc.




This is my favorite Korean movie. When people are crazy about Parasite made by Bong Joon-ho, I became his fan after watching Memories of Murder. Tracing a long, frustrating, and at times darkly funny investigation into the crimes of a rural South Korean serial killer, Memories of Murder is a thrilling and stomach-churning ride.
I am a first-year student and my major was an economy now I am studying graphic design but I totally hook up in crypto fields. This is my attempt to make the poster



Hello! I am a Russian artist. Here is my entry with Some like it hot


can you wait for me just a little? I wanted to send my posters, I’m finishing here! can can can? please!!!?

Come on, I really like Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, so I decided to pay homage to them. My first poster. In the sequence I will send my second.



Thank you to all of you for your entries! Some great work here!
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced shortly!


Worth noting that it’s actually just one entry per person, as mentioned in the thread. So, we’ll take the first one listed as the entry (our favourite anyway!)

I apologize for not paying attention, feel free to choose. I’m actually passionate about making movie posters, if it were possible I think I would have done about 10!

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Hi all, sorry there is a little delay with announcing the winning entries. Just to keep you updated, there’s a dekat on the AstroDAO but it will be solved soon, and then we’re good to go!


Hi all!!

So, the winners have already been contacted and NEAR transfers made. They are as follows:

1st place: Agnesba: The Sound Of Music
2nd place: Underdog: Some Like It Hot
3rd place: Whatshertoes: Ghost In The Shell

Congratulations to all three, and thank you to everyone who took part with your creativity! It was hard to decide which ones to choose!

The winners will be up on instagram and facebook: @theblackcatcinema, and www.theblackcatcinema.com soon! And there will be a short blog write-up to follow.

Thanks again!


Awesome, congrats to all the winners!

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Hi, the second round has just opened!

@Japajou @Underdog @christpham @louietism @agnesba @whatshertoes


good afternoon, how are you? is it still open? would like to participate. thx!