BizDev [Introduction]

Hello everyone! I’m Wendell, the founder of Dotcare Global, a pharma BizDev org providing market access, strategy, and company optimization. I’m excited to join the NEAR Hub team and learn more about the NEAR ecosystem. Having built successful local and global strategies, product portfolios and licensing/partnering collaborations, I am enjoying translating my knowledge and skillset to help unlock opportunities in this exciting, emerging tech field. Currently, I’m working with Jeff @jefedeoro and @mecsbecs on projects that I’m sure will bring immense value to the NEAR ecosystem. I’m highly motivated to continue understanding and contributing to the blockchain space and joining this exciting community. If you’re interested in collaborating on projects or just want to chat, please reach out to me on Telegram (wendellbizdev). I look forward to connecting with other members of the NEAR Hub and NEAR community!