[BUDGET] Marketing DAO Vertical Budget Request and Updates for Aug-Sep

Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback on our first budget request!

The proposals just keep pouring in so as the council continues to evaluate and approve while the NEAR token price constantly changes we want to make sure we have enough to distribute funds in a more timely manner.

That said, we’re requesting an additional 2000 NEAR from The Community Squad DAO to reimburse NEAR Reddit Ops August Report. We just recently started meeting with them to transition them from the previous system to the DAO Verticals.

We want to keep the current 1400N in the DAO in anticipation for the NEAR India requests and as contingency for small quick payouts.

Moving forward, proposals coming in the month of September SHOULD and be calculated in USD. We will be requesting another payout later this month based on any incoming proposals vs average of last month’s requests.

You can also expect another update on the possibility of “whitelisting” guilds who perform and produce marketing projects consistently. We hope that whitelisted guilds have a faster turnaround time for payouts and have a clear and regular reporting system to show the results of their efforts. Having whitelisted guilds will give us an idea of standard pricing for certain activities and allocating a set amount of NEAR per Guild in advance. More on this soon.


Great improvements!! Only valuable for Near community guilds ! Would be great if every guild will have transparent monthly/quietly KPI’s, list of expenses (amount + near wallet) and Near Community can rate guild’s efficiency by vote.