[Bounty] [internal MINTBASE] onboarding people to near wallet (20 NEAR)

The NEAR will be used to onboard people to the NEAR wallet.


may i know what is the requirement of the bounty.

Hi, I am sorry for the confusion. This bounty is only for the Mintbase team for us to be able to onboard people. I hadn’t specified before…

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ah Thank you for letting me know…

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I would like to request NEAR to onboard for store creation & minting on Mintbase.
My near wallet: jamesbtc.near

this bounty is only for people who directly work for mintbase. sorry.

how can I work for Mintbase?

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I want to create a store on Mintbase. How can I get the bounty 7 NEAR for testing?

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Hey james! happy to hear that! We will be having an airdrop next monday. Stay alert and follow @mintbase and @createbase1 on twitter! you can also join our telegram groups mintbase and createbase ! :slight_smile: we will keep everybody updated.