Artist Community Task, Events, Visions

Hello, guys ZON here and today I would like to help you guys understand my job and what my purpose is here.
So essentially I am a community manager and events coordinator.
We just starting up so things are moving at a steady pace at the moment but soon things are gonna start ramping up.
Here are a few ideas coming up and this will give you a sense of direction to where we are going and what we want to do for you guys.

  • HYPE Battle (Photoshop battle) Take the image provided and use it to create a new image. You can use the image in your photo, use it as a reference, or use it for inspiration. Just as long as the provided image is used in some way.

  • Artist HYPE Cards to match your profile. Something cool for our artist to show off to people across the blockchain.

  • Mintbase set up for every featured artist, so we can HYPE them up when minted.

  • We will also be setting up our own MintBase to buy from our artists and put them on display.

  • Monthly sticker HYPE pack.

  • Featured Artist Campaigns. Ever wish when you release a set of pieces there was a machine behind you promoting and HYPING it up? Wish no longer because we will be that machine for you!!!

This list will change constantly and this is only just a draft of whats to come. We have so many big ideas and things that we want to do to help our artist and keep them entertained. All while gaining NEAR, meeting people, and making friends in the process.
Keep your eyes peeled. This is the motto for the blockchain:
“Its only the beginning”


I’m interested in making a pack of stickers for Hype! You can see the ones I developed for mintbase here