[Summary] HypeDAO - September 2021

Summary Of Events For September

HypeDAO didnt submit a budget proposal last month. It was my fault as coordinator/treasurer. However we continued our efforts and paid out lots of people with our excess funds of just over 900 NEAR.

On the dev side there was awesome progress:

@erikli did a lot of work…

  1. this alternative Sputnik v2 Proposal UI for our website:
    [HACK BOUNTY] Payout Proposal Component
  2. A “send $HYPE” UI component:
    [HACK BOUNTY] Send $HYPE component - #3 by erikli
  3. A $HYPE token-holder leaderboard (excludes council) as well as a caching-server which gracefully tracks token-balances:
    [HACK BOUNTY] $HYPE leaderboard - #20 by erikli

@roshkins made an amazing effort and made an NFT-governed fork of Sputnik v2 which he was rewarded in HYPE and via the MetaBUIDL bounty.

@EV3RETH wrote up a website roadmap and built out the database already.


On the ART side:

@ZexonNerotaki spearheaded HYPE BATTLES, an art contest series which are in their fourth week and have been pretty popular. They’ve led to more artist participation and its gotten HYPE in many more hands.

@ZexonNerotaki also put together a HypeDAO Arts roadmap which we will add to as needed!

@duOCELOT is spearheading a team for the creation of a collectible project for HypeDAO. We are in the initial planning phase and collecting interested members to help build. We have a channel in our Discord for collectible planning talk.

@kodandi and @digithubpedia both did amazing work in Twitter Spaces this month. Kodandi hosted two spaces (really effectively I might add) and Digi talked at length about HypeDAO and our mission in at least 6 different Spaces across the month.

We each took control of the HypeDAO twitter for promoting our own efforts and grew the account to almost 700 followers, doubling our following in September.

Our funds spent over the month were roughly 1000 NEAR, and our remaining balance is 124 N today.

Congrats on a really HYPE month of September, everyone!