[Intro] HypeDAO artist guild

HypeDAO is a Creative Community DAO aimed at onboarding artists and NFT enthusiasts to DAOs and NEAR by GETTING THEM HYPED!
We aim to rapidly onboard community by providing ways to earn NEAR and HYPE by simple participation.

HypeDAO should make it easy, fun, and exciting and profitable to participate in a DAO.
Along the way we hope to provide useful open source tools to artist collectives who hope to wish to start their own DAOs.

HypeDAO is the initial stage of an artist collective named Prometheus, whose goal is to be a titan of cryptoart. will rally the troops and get everyone participating and contributing work and art to a greater good for the artists. Our initial objectives exist to maximize participation from our existing NFT community.

the $HYPE social token will be paid out for HYPE campaigns such as promoting our latest articles, featured artists, new tools, and any other campaigns our community comes up with. We hope to source fun and productive campaign ideas from our own community and pay people for every way they contribute. $HYPE will eventually have utility in our own NFT market (perhaps cloned from near-apps/nft-market) and other tools we create.

Any of the tools will be open source and used by the DAO in order to teach our community how to go deploy these things themselves. By providing useful repositories and tools and an abundance of HYPE(!) we hope to enable the next wave of cutting-edge cryptoart creators and launch them into the limelight.

Our first steps:

We will need to assemble a basic website with information about…

  • The DAO’s mission,
  • a logo design contest
  • a hype tweet bounty program, to spread HYPE(the feeling and the currency)
  • and the telegram where there are more bounty opportunities.

initial bounty ideas…

  • Make a $HYPE token tip bot for telegram

  • Make a basic website scaffold in next.js & netlify, deploy and update with content

  • Write an introductory article about HypeDAO with onboarding and creative bounties listed with telegram link.

  • Put together a task board similar to Open Web Sandbox.

  • manage twitter. This means daily engagement tweets.

  • logo design bounty

  • host weekly discussions on Twitter Spaces and/or Clubhouse

  • community idea generation

  • HYPE fund – tweet missions for everyone to participate and earn.

Some of our HYPE fund campaign ideas:

A gamified series of tasks for HYPE AGENTS to earn more and more NEAR and HYPE for greater participation. There will be campaigns on certain days or at certain hours. We want to pay small bounties of 1 to 5 NEAR and 1 to 50 HYPE for:

– joining the telegram and getting a wallet set up with the bot
– coming up with some wild conjecture about the hypeDAO legend. Start hypeDAO as a meme about how great hypeDAO is for artists.
– hyping up hypeDAO articles.
– sharing on twitter what your idea is for what hypeDAO should do.
– starting your own collab DAO with one or two other artists on sputnikv2 (maybe mint an artwork with it?)

Initial Council:



Community and Socials:
Twitter: twitter.com/HypeDAO
Telegram community: t.me/hypedao
Medium: medium.com/hypedao
Github: HypeDAO · GitHub
Website Repo: https://github.com/HypeDAO/prometheus-front-end

Website pending!


From: [Guide] Start a new Creative Guild/Community at NEAR

Would it be safe to assume that “hype-dao” would be a tag that we could create for your community to organize around on the forums?
(Edit - “hype-dao” tag created!)

Also, thanks for getting this all together and submitting it. Feel free to continue adding into/links to the topic post as more details come. @mecsbecs and I meet on a weekly basis to discuss proposals and will respond here with next steps soon.

Please feel free to use this thread for general discussion about this proposal as well :slight_smile:.


Where will this be published? In general we are leaning towards rewarding results for DAOs and bounties rather than incremental tasks without defined outcomes. If this is going to mirror, medium, hive, and all the places people who are not already into NEAR are looking then you could measure how many followers you gain on each platform. Write once eyes everywhere!


How many artists will you onboard each month?


I’m generally against art contests. Artists read them as spec work with only a possibility of being paid. Could you do 5N for each concept and 50N for one of those to finalize?


Yes hype-dao is a good tag, thanks for adding that in there! We will try to get some links up asap.


How many artists will you onboard each month?

We are shooting for one hundred new members every month. We’re going to do this by gamifying participation. The more you participate, the more you are rewarded with $HYPE as well as NEAR.

I’m generally against art contests. Artists read them as spec work with only a possibility of being paid. Could you do 5N for each concept and 50N for one of those to finalize?

Makes a lot of sense. The initial idea was give 5N to every submission and 50N to the winner, but i was worried about going over budget. Perhaps we only accept 10 concept submissions, and then pick one.


Is this 100 new NEAR wallets created or 100 new holders of $HYPE? Might be worth breaking those 2 things out.

For reference, CODAME has been able to onboard about 10 new artists every month via 1on1 outreach and get ~50 new wallets when we do a minting workshop.

I think it’s reasonable to say that you’ll do the 5N bounty for first 10 proposals. It encourages people to participate early rather than waiting for the deadline.


Is this 100 new NEAR wallets created or 100 new holders of $HYPE?

New or Existing wallets that join the HypeDAO Telegram and submit a proposal for the onboarding bounty. For proof of participation, they can link to their own tweet about joining HypeDAO in the proposal, rather than link to a comment in the telegram chat.

100 new people a month is a stretch goal, but its designed to keep us working on weekly onboarding and hype campaign strategies, seeing which ones work better than others. If we hit 50 a month thats pretty great too. If needed we can adjust this budget for smaller goals!


Hey @mxjxn! Great chatting with you today across the St. Lawrence :wink:

As we discussed, next steps are turning this post into a full [Intro] post, incorporating the replies and that thinking into the body of the post, and then making a new [PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Guild Funding Request - July post with the trimmed down/more focused budget you referenced on the call. We’ll reply in that post with the next steps for submitting your payout proposal.
Weekly reporting would then happen in reply to that post, and the beginning of August would see a new budget request from you once we’ve had a couple of weeks to see where you’d like to go next!

Tagging @chloe in case I missed anything. Talk soon!


Just updated the proposal by taking out the numbers and adding a bit more information about our purpose, including the purpose of $HYPE and how it might be used in the future. Let me know if theres anything you think I might have left out! Next up: budget proposal numero uno!

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Since HypeDAO has been growing at such a fast rate, we’ve made a new sub-category for you under the “Creatives” parent category. Feel free to edit your ‘About’ section @mxjxn and I’ll arrange for all current posts to be lumped under this new Creatives-HypeDAO banner where all future posts can then join them.