[Approveed] West London phygital eco-art exhibit Jul 2022 support


An opportunity for Mintbase to support an exclusive art exhibit in West London to deliver climate education, teach about carbon neural blockchain technology (Mintbase on NEAR) and to align with sustainability pillars and purpose-driven ventures. There will be a product demo and wallet giveaways.

We ask for sponsorship support in mounting the Las Palmas Doradas exhibition in an upcoming West London NFT gallery and community space mmad art situated in Holland Park. It will be on July 26, 2022, recorded, promoted on media channels, and connected to a wider audience in the UK and Mexico.



Las Palmas Doradas is a phygital project that combines the awe-inspiring power of the arts with web3 technologies to raise ecological awareness and drive material environmental change by supporting regenerative projects that give back to the geographies that inspired the art.

The project explores the relationship between humanity, nature, and technology. The work is a bridge between eco-activism and climate debate with technology as an accelerator.

Specifics of the event:

July 26, 2022: An exhibition of physical and digital art about sustainability themes: http://www.laspalmasdoradas.com

A demonstration of the VR gallery with Mintbase x 3XR: laspalmasdoradas

Demonstration of a NEAR wallet set up and a wallet giveaway to 50+ persons who RSVPed to the exclusive launch (linkdrops will be emailed in a thank you follow-up).

In the same email, Las Palmas Doradas and mmad art will give away a poap NFT minted on Mintabase to the attendees. The NFT will unlock future utility with mmad art, or Las Palmas Doradas.

Presentations from the following speakers:

  • Karina Abramova, the artist, on eco-art activism and announcing regenerative projects
  • Kalpana Arias, Founder Nowadays on Earth, on eco community building and rewilding
  • Manuel Diaz Cebrian, Director, Mexico Tourism Board UK, on the importance of conservation
  • Matt Hussey, Editorial Director at NEAR protocol, on NEAR and carbon neutral tech

Drinks sponsorship provided by Patrón - a premium tequila - and MARTINI 0% with a special Patrón cocktail created for the evening. And the Patròn UK brand ambassador will be present.

Photographer and videographer will record the talks and the event, which will be forever imprinted on the gallery pages, promoted on social media, as well used in pitching stories to the the media

An exclusive guest list of art collectors, investors, art advisors, art writers, Mexico aficionados, and environmental figures.

thekarina.near responsible for managing the payment


Educate the influential audience of Holland Park/Notting Hill about art for ecology and the technology that supports it. Drive wallet sign-ups and educate about NFT drops. Awareness both through foot traffic inside and outside the gallery, and online.

Document talks to showcase on the artist’s website and make available for Mintbase socials, showcase VR gallery feature, educate the public about “NFTs for Good” and sell art to fundraise for an ecological project in Mexico and build a bridge to connect with eco web3 projects already active in Tulum area (you know who you are!)

This is a PRE-event to the Zebu Live Panel Talk on art x tech x nature, for which Karina Abramova is a confirmed speaker during London web3 week where she will mention her work with Mintbase: https://www.zebulive.xyz/

Milestones/Key results:

Recording of the Event and speakers for ecosystem socials
NEAR wallet sign ups 60
Las Palmas Doradas NFT drop to 60
Write-up in the Central Saint Martins newsletter reaching 10,000+ viewers, and the follow-up coverage in the blog (accessible to 18,000 students in UAL)
Mentions on Speaker Social Media Profiles: @laspalmasdoradas, @thekarina_a, @mmad_art_, @matt_hussey, @nowadaysonearth (Insta), @mdiazcebrian,

Speakers combined social reach: 23,601 + Central Saint Martins/UAL Newsletter 10,000

The Ask:

75 LinkDrops - will be converted into 15 QR cards on the day of the event + 50 will be mailed as a follow-up to all the guests

Support in covering the fees for running the event, specifically: £1,000 (to cover mounting fees, VR headset rental, tech support, videographer and photographer). The exhibition costs more, but this amount will help.

Other materials:


Hey @kariboo

how much are you asking for ?

Hello @marianeu

I am asking for £1000, mentioned in the last section of the write up. I can also send a more detailed deck with the plans.

We are also working to invite crypto writers and journalists for more coverage

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Ohh- I didn’t get that the first time.

I think this is great- yes. 1000 pounds would be 1250 usd in near, right?

could you make them mint their first NFT? Having 30-60 first mints would be awesome for mintbase. We love you for spreading awareness - even better (especially for the elevated amount of funding) would be to have people really using the platform and creating transactions.

Yes of course! That’s what I meant - I’ll list the artwork on the shop and link to it in the follow up thank you email to private view attendees!

We just need to talk through the mechanics so that I can communicate to the guests some of whom will be learning for the first time :sweat_smile:

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Cool - will they be minting their own work? that would be great!
Do you have a workshop setting for this?

tagging @LuisInfante and @reginamintbase for them to keep in the loop :slight_smile:

Hmm the idea is to teach them to mint one of my works as a thank you, however am not sure if this is the right audience for minting their own work as they are art collectors/buyers/VIPs, but I can show the process, I’ll be showing the wallet sign up and interaction on the shop so they know how to orient themselves. Maybe I can demonstrate the mint on the night!

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Super excited for this, Karina! Thanks for submitting. Agree maybe it’s not the right audience for the minting process - specially if it’s mostly art collectors / buyers. IMO minting the POAP and sales should generate enough transactions (fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:). Leads to my next question - will people be able to buy the pieces as NFTs at the event? Perhaps it would be interesting to hold a live auction.

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Dear MM, I hope you’re well. I wanted to follow up - do I need to submit something on AstroDAO for the payout process?

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Hey @kariboo

You want 75 neardrops with how much near each?

the rest will be paid out after realization of the tasks & report :slight_smile: Receipts are very very welcome as you know :slight_smile:

if you have any detail questions - please reach out on telegram (mariamintbase)

thank you!

@kariboo is all good? we need info

Dear Mariana!! Sorry for the delay, I had been knee-deep in preparation for it and putting out the fires as well as making more artworks etc, so it’s been hectic. I have been arranging all of the bits and bobs for the exhibition, so there will be receipts later for sure.

Yes, please, could you share the codes - 75 neardrops with 1 N on it should be fine. :slight_smile:

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we normally just do 0.2 near. What will they do with that 1 N? (My name is Maria :slight_smile: )

Sorry Maria Magdalena, sometimes I only look at the username and those can be deceiving when they have additional letters. It’s been a bit hectic with the preparation for the big event! Ok, if you recommend 0.2N to set up the wallet and be able to mint a free NFT, then it’s perfect.

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Sending it to you via Telegram

Hello Maria Magdalena,

The event went very well on Tuesday. We had about 40 people in attendance.

Unfortunately Matt Hussey was unable to attend due to a family emergency.
NFT Evening will write a story (they had 1.2M visitors in January)
El Iberico, largest Spanish newspaper in the UK, will write a story too
The Mexican embassy wants to collaborate on a cultural aspect
And more - the marketing reach will be wide and I will share the links as I receive them.

VR gallery was a success!

We are sending out individual near wallet links and art NFT giveaway page as soon as we receive last few email addresses - we are on it

We are awaiting in professional photography however both the photographer and the designer are requesting payment now that the event is done plus there are exhibtion costs to recoup on the part of the organizers. Would appreciate if you could action the payout - I posted the request in early July.

Thank you - more to come!


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Thanks for this, K! Congrats on the event - looks great.

Usually payout is only unlocked once all the agreed milestones have been reached (sending onboarding links, providing photos, etc) but we’re releasing the funds in this instance as we understand the event already happened and you’re a trusted member of the community. Please do share info on wallets created + photos and videos once you have them! Keen to see how the event went :slight_smile:

If you get media coverage for the event, do share those links as well!

Your AstroDao proposal expired, so pls submit a new one when you get a chance! https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near-330

We’ll get it approved asap.


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Thanks for resubmitting! Proposal approved now.

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Hello Regina & Co,

Wanted to share the media coverage from NFT Evening following the event: https://nftevening.com/behind-the-mmad-art-phygital-exhibition-by-las-palmas-doradas/

Writeup on the art space website: Opening of Las Palmas Doradas - Poetry for the Anthropocene, 26th July 2022 — mmad art | Hybrid Web 3.0 Art Space in West London

Working on another mention for the Mexico Chamber of Commerce newsletter and an article in El Iberico, the largest Spanish language publication in the UK. I have also pitched a story to CryptoSlate and Right Click Save, so will see what they say :wink:

Pictures can be accessed here: https://pixel8pictures.pixieset.com/laspalmasdoradas/

We sent the NFT giveaway in our thank you email, will keep you posted as the emails went out last night - we were waiting for all email addresses, photo gallery and the NFT Evening story :slight_smile:


Coolio! Nice pictures - thanks so much for sharing :smiling_face: Just posted the link on Twitter too! @LuisInfante will share the pics now on IG