[PROPOSAL] Representing Mintbase IRL with NFTs for Good (environmental awareness)

Hello everyone!

I am a current Central Saint Martins MA student who is working in the emerging phygital space, bringing natural objects to digital realms in an effort to bring public awareness to environmental issues and make a positive physical change. My mission is to bring the creative community together to heal the earth, and I begin by establishing my personal vision for art in the era of web3.

My work communicates urgent environmental concerns in emotionally resonant works, and drives action by donating large portion of the proceeds to an environmental cause.

The opportunity
I met Mintbase representatives and dived deeper into the wider ecosystem at the NEAR Foundation’s face-to-face community event in London. Today, I was invited to represent Mintbase and the ecosystem’s ethos at a face-to-face event in London next week. The event is IRL NFT with talks and an art exhibition.

The proposition
I will attend the event, representing Mintbase and I will have the opportunity to showcase high quality art in a dedicated space and a willing audience. My artwork: Tulum (2021) - YouTube

I will showcase my art on screens in a dedicated Mintbase space, and I have an opportunity to package one of my works for the VR art experience to showcase the full range of Mintbase tools.

I will auction off one art piece at the event to the maximum bidder. And I will sell smaller pieces for 5-10 NEAR during the activity.

I also will speak on stage for 10 minutes in between Keynotes, commanding the audience’s attention and reinforcing the messaging of sustainability, creative community, and NFTs for Good.

The benefit
~400 IRL attendees at the event learning about Mintbase and the ecosystem
~1,700 followers on my Twitter account who will see the messaging
~Recorded video and photos amplified through Mintbase channels
~Amplification through the event organizers’ content channels
~Reinforcing NFTs with utility messaging
~Affiliation with one of the world’s best and most recognized art schools

The ask
Time is of the essence, and in order to make this face to face opportunity worthwhile, I have developed a plan and engaged supporting technical partners to help me realize this initiative. I need help preparing some of my digital art files for the event next week, setting up the Mintbase store front, and physical logistics of getting to and around the event.

~8 NEAR for store creation and minting fees
~12 NEAR for logistics of getting to and around London
~40 NEAR to support technical preparation for the VR experience
~50 NEAR for Linkdrops to attendees not yet on the NEAR ecosystem for signups (unused Linkdrops will be used on subsequent occasions)

Total = 110 NEAR
Wallet name: thekarina.near

And lastly!
This is just the beginning of my journey to bring creatives and makers together, turn them into environmental activist artists and make a collective difference by supporting regenerative projects around the world. Stay tuned!

Thank you!


Hi Karina, very nice to meet you!

this sounds really really good. I just need to be that detailed annoying woman sometimes because it is a lot of responsibility to send funding around the world :slight_smile:

I would need to ask for receipts or something similar that would explain the 40N for the VR setup - just because I just had trouble with some project in nigeria (gets hard to know how much is worth how much somewhere else on the planet) and I need to start asking for receipts or any proof that that money is used for that specific thing.

7N for store creation & minting is ok - can I ask what you would like to mint there? this is just personal interest hehe :slight_smile:

12N for getting to and around london… Are you coming to london just for that event? We can certainly get you some near for representing us at the event - for that 12N would be a good amount IMO, but I am just checking on the details here :slight_smile:

40N for technical things needs some kind of extra info, if I might ask… Maybe a webpage where you can see how much it is to lend out & install VR activities in london? Something like that.

50N for onboarding sounds good - how many linkdrops do you want to have with how much near each? We can produce the links and send them over to you!!

Thank you for representing us

Hello dear Marian (or is it Marianeu?),

I will be minting my artworks that are 2D (some inspiration here: Login • Instagram ) and I also provided an example of the video artwork in my original text, look at the Tulum link.

Very nice to hear from you and I indeed will have the receipts. So the 40 NEAR is going to pay the invoice from technical support who is reworking the files for a VR room experience. We agreed with Regina that it would be the best way to maximise how we showcase Mintbase tools and we will now have a dedicated space in the art room for it.

Regarding the transport, I live in Hampshire, so need to get to London for specific events (at least I don’t need a hotel room as will stay with a friend). I checked the tickets for next week and attaching that plus rough Uber costs for getting to and from the event.

(I could only embed one image, but i checked the Uber ride and it comes to around ÂŁ15)

Tomorrow I will have the invoice from my technical partner as he is not available tonight.

VR Equipment itself will cost around £50 for two headsets with Flat Llama - and they can deliver it via uber to my location (because it’ll take a while to travel there and back), so could be £70-80.

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Sounds great, thanks for providing the additional information. As soon as the other invoices / receipts are in, I can approve this! Thank you

Hello Maria Magdalena!

I have received the invoice from my tech support. Attaching it here. Ok, it says new users can’t upload attachments.

How do I send across this PDF? :frowning:

Ok! A screenshot here…

Ok so let’s do it like this

35N tech
7N store
12N getting to london and representing mintbase

Last thing:

50N for onboarding sounds good - how many linkdrops do you want to have with how much near each? We can produce the links and send them over to you!!

Hello Maria Magdalena,

1N for the Linkdrops will be good, or 0.5.

Thank you!

Hello Maria Magdalena, I wanted to check in to see if there’s anything else I need to do now?

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How many do you need @kariboo?

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I believe great things start small all hail Near community.

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ok @kariboo so I talked to regina and seems like you need 0.5x50. She sent the links to you already :slight_smile:

Yes, she did! I am waiting on instructions regarding posting on Astro DAO if you could share that, please?

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You can submit payout proposal here https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mintbase.sputnik-dao.near

Hello Mariana and Co,

A few words about the event (I forwarded pictures to Regina):

  • The VR gallery was a success, people were really enjoying it and engaged with it
  • Mintbase had a very prominent central stand in the gallery - everyone saw it
  • I spoke about my social-good project, Mintbase and NEAR ecosystem to about 300 people, the talk was recorded
  • I had about 15 people come up to me after
  • I probably single-handedly brought all those people to NEAR
  • The message was very well received


  • I noticed that my linkdrops became invalid, however, I promised some people to send NEAR linkdrops after the event… Could I get some of those linkdrops activated again, please? At the event, during the rush, that’s no time to fiddle with tech, not the best user experience
  • Also, for future events: the CSV format is very difficult to deal with on the phone, it’d would be if the links were simply pasted in an email or something simple and I can copy-paste, it was tough

Other than that - a resounding success!

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Oh, sounds great!

How many do you need? I would need to create them again.

thank you for your work!

Hello Mariana! I think about 15 would be handy - I want to follow up with the people I talked with for sure.

Hello @marianeu - I wanted to follow up on those 15 linkdrops

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Hi @kariboo, I need your telegram handle so I can send them to you.

You received 50x0.5 linkdrops before - which we already canceled.

Now I created 20x1N . I will send them to you via telegram, hit me up under @mariamintbase