[Approved] YouTube content marketing

Hello @marketingdao-council

It has been a month since the approval of this project and over two weeks I submitted my KYC verification; however I am yet to receive the funds for this project.

Please kindly help me rectify this as it has delayed the execution of this project.

Thank you for your time and support.
I look forward to receiving your response.

@Dacha @Klint @mecsbecs @David_NEAR @so608

Hi @Supercoolkay - you would’ve received the Reward Agreement a week or so ago and we can only execute on payment with its signature and a @marketingdao-council approved Astro DAO poll.

Please check your spam folder for the agreement sent through HelloSign if you haven’t seen it in your inbox, and link to your approved AstroDAO poll here.


Thank you for your prompt response. I am grateful.

I got it now, kindly see the link to the approved poll on Astrodao.



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Hello @marketingdao-council

I already received the funds for the service, promotions don editing of the video; however, I am yet to receive the “40 near” bounty.
Thank you for your support

Hello @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors .

Thank you for bringing this initiative to light. I started the project last week due to delay of funds. Moreover I am yet to receive the 40N balance.

First Week content

Test your intelligence with near

YouTube video

Instagram post link

Test your intelligence with near Twitter post

Test your intelligence with near Facebook post

Vskit post

A total of 4,874 views from all platforms.

Second week content
I recently released this video and it has been receiving a good number of engagement on Instagram. However I am still working on the promotion of the video.

* Instagram Reels

* Instagram reels 2nd post

*Facebook post

Vskit post

[YouTube post ](https://Asking Wizkid Fc’s to denounce Wizkid for $17(1near))

The second week content has a total of 7,971 views.

This is a post and I am expecting more engagement of up to 100,000 views. I just had to drop this here to update the council on the project.

I am working on more content :grin:.


Hey, you’ll need to resubmit a form for this


Hi @supercoolkay - please note we will be processing this payout request with the USD$550 + 40 NEAR breakdown as outlined here, but if the value of $NEAR should change in the time this is being processed, we will not facilitate the issuing of further funds for any value lost.

We do prefer that the payout requests are made in USD entirely if they’re meant to be paid out in $NEAR to avoid any losses incurred by the volatility of the token.

Good luck with your work and look for a Reward Agreement from HelloSign in your inbox or spam soon.

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Thank you for the support.

Please kindly note thatI have received a part payment of $550near last month.But I am yet to receive the balance 40near.

So now, I just have 40near to receive and not $550 + 40near
Thank you.

Confirming you have now received all payouts attached to this proposal: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

To avoid confusion in future, please complete the entire payout process once for all funds related to one proposal.


ok, noted.
Thanks for your support.