[Approved] Workshop & Exhibition during Disturbance satellite program, London

We are preparing a workshop during [Disturbance Festival] 15th October 2021 (@DISTURBANCE - Ugly Duck), part of Disturbance Sattelite Programme in London.

The workshop will be Cryptowhat? imparted in english by Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier Patron. Cryptowhat? is a series of Cryptoart workshops started in 2011 with roots in Cryptoqué? created on 2019 by Lenara Verle and Ilan Katin.


A workshop for beginners. We will guide you into the blockchain art world and using Eco-NFTS.
Bring your mobile phone and/or laptop.
If you’re an artist, bring a few pieces in digital format (jpg, gif, mp4, mov under 5MB).

Duration: 5 hours

Content & activities

What is blockchain, and what are artists doing there? Why use Eco- NFTs and why Near?
Why are people buying digital art on the blockchain
Create your Near Wallet and security practices
Mintbase interface, web3 login and profile creation
How to create a store, general settings
Minters and minting interface, fields overview
Royalties and splits
Crypto art – Types of files: still, animated, video, audio, 3D, PDF
Editions, choosing how many to mint
Give away NFTs and removing them >>, transfer and burning
Listing for sale, how to choose a price
Buying NFTs
Exhibit your art in a blockchain-enabled virtual 3D gallery powered by Mintbase.io
Promotion tools, Twitter, Telegram groups, Discord servers

This is a hands-on session with group and individual feedback.

The goal is to have each participant create a wallet, set up their Mintbase profile, and mint and list at least one NFT.


The exhibition uses AR (augmented reality) to show digital blockchain artworks from a VR.

Space is superimposed on a physical space. Supported by Mintbase.io

  • on display are the blockchain art pieces created in the workshop, plus invited artists
  • the physical exhibition space is recreated in a blockchain-enabled virtual 3D gallery
  • using a mobile phone or a tablet, visitors can scan QR codes on the walls and access


The proposed budget is the following

  • neardrops for wallet creation and buying from each other: 1 N per person (max 15 attendants)
  • store creation on Mintbase: 6.5 N
  • instructors fee for 5 hours workshop (includes preparation and setup): 250 USD



Happy to approve this one :slight_smile:
Please record the session, or take pictures, so we can use it in our social media.

If you produce any kind of onboardnig material please share it with us too!

the 15x1N we can send you beforehand, same as 6.5 N

do you want linkdrops for the 15 or do you want to propose payout on our dao?

for the 6.5n id suggest to propose payout directly.

Thank you

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Thanks so much Maria and Mintbase team!

We will share the pictures and tag along.

For the 15 x 1 N can you please send over the linkdrops please?
For the Gallery - 6.5 N - with arte.near - Request in Dao
Here Promo of the workshop

Many thanks!

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Will send you the Linkdrops via Telegram now @Unpredictableseries

The workshop was postponed and its now rescheduled for this upcoming Friday 28th of October 2023 to happen on site as it was planned but also adding participants online.

Thanks for your understanding,



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Sure, that’s ok!

Anxious to see some pictures of the event :slight_smile:

Thanks Maria,

Here is the report of the activity with some pictures included.

I also uploaded some in insta tagging.

More tomorrow there and twitter.

Requesting the payout in the Dao now,

Best wishes,

Blanca & Pierre

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Thanks so much.
Request in Dao, here

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Hey @Unpredictableseries I am so sorry we missed this! Can you please re-apply and we will approve shortly! I was on vacation the last week, sorry! Thanks for the great work!

How many attendees were there in the end? :slight_smile: