[APPROVED] Cryptowhat?- Cryptoart Workshop and NEAR Exhibition (Funding Request - Createbase-dao)

Proposed by unpredictable.near - Blanca Regina
Near account for payment unpredictable.near
Project Timeline - First event 11 December 2021

One-day workshop and Eco-NFT art & blockchain exhibition
w/ Unpredictable Series at Apiary Labs.

Following ¿CryptoQué? A workshop and NFT Exhibition created by Lenara Verle and Ilan Katin curated with Blanca Regina in Madrid in 2019, Cryptowhat? is a new Art & Blockchain saloon series led by Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier Patron in London in collaboration with its founders.

This is part of a series of editions to happen in London UK.
Each edition will be focused on a different topic.

1stedition - introduction NFTs - December 2021
2ndedition - performative NFTs - February 2022
3rdedition - improvisation & music NFTs - March 2022
4thedition - moving image NFTs - April 2022
5th edition - installation art and NFTs - May 2022

1stedition – introduction to NFTs
When – Saturday 11th December 2021 – Workshop: 1 - 5pm
Where – Apiary Studios – 458 - 460 Hackney Road, London E2 9EG
Registrations at info(at)unpredictable.info

1 to 5 pm
Beginners workshop.
We will guide you into the blockchain art world and use Eco-NFTS
Bring your mobile phone and/or laptop.
If you’re an artist bring a few art pieces in digital format (jpg or gif).
Duration: 4 hours.
Maximum: 25 spaces

● What is blockchain and what are artists doing there. Why to use Eco- NFTs?
● Why are people buying digital art on the blockchain
● How to put your art on the blockchain

Each participant will receive 1.5 near to do minting, listing, bidding transaction, getting familiar with the Mintbase.io tools, as well as buying NFTs from each other
● make your first blockchain transactions and learn how they work
● learn some terms: near, gas, transaction fees, validators, exchanges,
contract, token, minting, NEP-171, NFT, proof of stake, and staking
● get to know the main platforms and marketplaces for blockchain art
● put your art on the blockchain - tokenize your art
● exhibit your art in a blockchain-enabled virtual 3D gallery

Exhibition & Saloon
5 to 8pm
The exhibition uses AR (augmented reality) to show digital blockchain artworks from a VR
space superimposed on a physical space.
● on display are the blockchain art pieces created in the workshop.
● the physical exhibition space is recreated in a blockchain-enabled virtual 3D gallery supported by mintbase.io
● using a mobile phone or a tablet, visitors can scan QR codes on the walls and access
the art pieces
● a live feed of the virtual space is also video mapped in the exhibition space
● the artworks will be available for sale, also in a beginner’s friendly format of a “paper
● The saloon presents performances and short films by Blanca Regina, Pierre Bouvier Patron, Reuben Sutherland and guest artists.

Virtual Gallery for the exhibition at Unpredictable Series at Mintbase.io

Artwork selection

  • 8 pieces selected from renowned crypto artists including works by Ilan Katin, Lenara Verle, Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier Patron.
  • 15 pieces were selected from workshop attendants.

Project Page with Bios and more info https://www.unpredictable.info/project/cryptowhat/

Funding request the production of the first session

Budget request $400
Onboarding funds of 2Near x 25 Students + store sponsorship
Total: 56.5 Near

Tutors x2 - $250
Space - $100
Equipment Projectors x2 - $50
Total $400

Onboarding funds of 2Near x 25 Students + store sponsorship Cryptowhat?
Total: 56.5 Near
( we will return the unused onboarding funds if not used.)

Breakdown tutor funds 250 USD
Timeframe 30 November to 11 December

For the value of 125 USD each tutor is:

  • Leading a 4-hour workshop on the 11th of December 2021

  • Setup time and dismantle for the workshop c.1 hour

  • Traveling time to the venue 2 hours, one to go and one return ( includes transportation costs to each tutor an average of 10 dollars)

  • Prepping for 5 hours the materials, training, and meetings

  • Using 2 hours for admin and social media (edit event on the sites, social media, replying to queries regarding the workshop)

  • Each teacher brings their computer to the activity

Please note that the activity is based in the UK so the currency Pounds is also higher than the dollar.


Hi @unpredictableseries , hope I am not too late!
I really like your project a lot.
Could you please insert a slot to talk about UTILITY NFTs?
Do you know our redeemer function? Should we schedule a talk so I can show you the mintbase functions?

the 250 for the tutors, are 125 Usd per person are for which timeframe? Just for the one workshop or for something else?

The money for the space is ok, please just link the space in here so we can take a look, take pictures when you go there organize the place :slight_smile:
money for equipment is also ok

onboarding funds are good too.

just need to understand the tutors role and time of work to understand if it is too much money or okay :slight_smile:

Hi Maria
Yes we could talk about Utility NFTs
We can schedule a talk maybe later today or tomorrow?
We are 2 tutors and 15 confirmed participants on the timeframe 1 to 4 pm and we are currently preparing. The other tutor Pierre is eyemyth.near
We will get tomorrow to prep at the space here is a link Crypto What?

The tutors role is to deliver the content and guide participants.
Please let me know if all ok and when can we receive the funds.
Best wishes,
Blanca for Unpredictable

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Hola @Unpredictableseries

Sounds great. Looking forward to the updated version. You can also ask for funds to open 1 collective store for the workshop participants and if you are interested 1,2 more for individual participants that are interested in opening their own store.

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Updated version completed, thanks for our chat today! Best wishes,
Blanca & Pierre for the Unpredictable team!

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Approved @Unpredictableseries

you can request payout proposal for the onboarding funds! To sputnikDAO

include the link in the proposal :slight_smile: and 1 or 2 lines about what is happening

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Done, thanks so much!
Have a lovely weekend.

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