[APPROVED] Wildeverse Launch Party & Art Tour series in Cryptovoxels

To launch the hybrid festival we are hosting a party on June 8th.

The event happens live in cryptovoxels and is also streamed via twitch

Budget requested is:

  • live tour and stream management - ilan katin - 100 NEAR
  • stream management - nxmlive - 150 NEAR
  • guests / performers - Jasmine Guffond, DAOrecords, AantiGen, Riccardo Torresi, CODAME - 20 NEAR each (100 NEAR total)

In the following weeks we will have more art tours. Schedule and line-up to come!

Video recordings will be posted as soon as they are available. If you attended the event, feel free to leave a comment with your own screenshots and video captures to help us with documentation.


Thanks to all artists, performers, stream managers and attendants!!

To receive your payout, please submit a proposal using the old DAO UI (the new one is still under maintenance)

In the description, put the event name (wildeverse launch party), your name, and what you did (guest talk, stream management, etc…). Choose the corresponding payout amount, and link to this post in the forum URL field.


Done! Thanks again for having me!!!


Thank you! Here is my proposal:


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Hi everyone, apologies for the backwards listing. I seem to have pasted the DAO link in the DAO. In lieu of a correct listing here is the DAO on the forum.


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