[ APPROVED ] - Welcome Drops at November

Vlw. Em questao à criança, é do core do The Clan, criar um braço focado à isso, e vamos separar um espaço so pra isso.

Ola @frnvpr our main focus is family. As I said in my project here https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-artist-stipend-for-creators-with-kids/8668?u=whoiscavenaghi
I thought you had understanding that. :face_with_monocle:
The kid has to be in the Store for minting, right? antonella.near is a kid too and just participate of @marmajfoundation MARMAJchan project! Minted on https://paras.id/token/x.paras.near::38075

Thank you!

Ps. This month we will be deploying a Kids only Store in Mintbase and the kids will be moved for this specific. It will be kids only content.

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Great job with the onboarding! I’d love to see an initiative where the DAO supports the creators onboarded through voting on which pieces they have minted to be collected by the DAO! I think this help incentivize minting from member on the store.


Nice ideia! Thank you for the reply