[Approved] Weekly crossword puzzles to promote Near's ecosystem and bring new users

For the past weeks, using the https://crossword.xyz/ I have been creating puzzles related to Near’s eco. The winner gets 19 Near as a prize. The funding has been coming from both personal and donations from the dev responsible for the site. I am planning on putting one out every week. Sometimes, a bonus one for big news/events.

The site automatically rewards the first winner and takes them to an options page in order to use the near reward. My goal is to bring new folks from other chains/projects into Near by making themes related to their interest. e,g. I recently made one for cardano fans.

Going forward will continue to work and highlight both projects within Near and those knocking on the door. One week per month will be dedicated to another chain in order to bring folks over

At this time, the site does not have any tracking of users, hence, unsure of the metrics. I am in communication with the dev to see if we can add a metric tracker to assess usage and relevant impact data

Funding request - $500 monthly. Will be exclusively used for prizes.

  • NEAR Wallet ID - cwpuzzles.near
  • Wallet owner’s name - AGT

Thanks for your proposal AGT.

Excited to see a community member taking the initiative to leverage this Crossword tool. I believe that this tool is excellent at both highlighting the NEAr Tech stack, enabling projects to engage with their audience in a way that they can learn (hunting the answers is super cool and a collaborative effort), and can onboard new users both to NEAR and individual projects.

I suggest you amend this proposal to include a fixed amount in USD (proposals can be paid out in NEAR at the exchange rate of the day or in Stablecoins). I reckon $500 for the month of July should cover multiple puzzles (be proactive and collaborate with more projects). Funding can always carry over to next month. Please submit a report by the end of the month


Copy, thanks for the suggestion, and more importantly for bringing this project to light. It is the simplest way for a normie to interact seamlessly with a smart contract


How many people would you like to onboard?


Ideally, as many as possible. Under current conditions, 5-15 per week would be a good start. The key will be to diversify the themes in order to bring new people to attempt the puzzles.

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Ok, thanks. Happy to support. If you’re looking for players, feel free to tag me on tg @kmotiv, we have the largest community of gamers on Near, and we can help your project with free promo, articles on medium, etc. I can also connect you with the Near Crowd project .

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Will do. 2/4 puzzles will be geared to the existing Near community, especially those on the fringes. The other 2 are for luring peeps from other chains. Since it’s only one winner per puzzle, ideally it’s not the same person winning over and over.


Also, anybody can make crossword puzzles on https://crossword.xyz/
If you have folks who have specific themes or are knowledgeable about other chains, connect me with them. I can send them NEAR to fund the CW

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Thanks for making changes. Happy to support!

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Cool project. I will support if there will be a total number of puzzles (2 to 4) and the inclusion of links in the report.


Also happy to support. Great to see how this crypto / crossword ‘x-over’ works out!

Now moving to Approved.

Please make a Poll on Astro and be sure to include Total Amount and Target Wallet

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Poll submitted on Astro

Thanks for the support! What are the next steps?

Follow the guide here

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Can I post links to new puzzles here? Just created one, the theme is peeps of the ecosystem. Will like to reach a bigger audience. Do I create a new post under the “invitation” banner?

You are free to do both! The marketing DAO council are happy to see how your project is progressing and any links or updates are always welcome.

We also request that you post a separate Report at the end of the funding period on the Forum

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The report is ready. Do I post on this thread? Current puzzle remains unsolved. Some of you are the answers :slight_smile: https://crossword.xyz/

report submitted under proper category. Thanks for your continual support

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