[APPROVED] Web3Bridge <> Near community Engagement


I bring greetings from the Web3Bridge community. Web3Bridge is a program created to train Web3 developers in Africa. Since its inception in 2019, Web3Bridge has introduced over 300 persons to the basic concepts of Web3 and has injected over 30 web3 developers into the ecosystem.

To ensure that we also create a viable learning environment and an active community, we started a Telegram community at Web3bridge with two major weekly activities:

Tuesday Block Explore where we learn about various aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency and Thursday Knowledge test where we test the knowledge of the community members and reward them weekly.

We are applying for 150 NEAR in funding to use as a community reward during the Thursday knowledge tests. Currently the topics of the quizzes generally surround the Ethereum blockchain, the goal is to use these incentives to start educating the Web3Bridge community about the NEAR blockchain as well.

Value Proposition for the Near community:

  1. Weekly learning about NEAR by our community members which spans across African countries
  • These quizzes will help to educate our community on the NEAR ecosystem and how to get involved.
  1. The community reward will implement the NEAR Telegram tipping bot (@nearup_bot) and we believe this will make the bot popular and increase its usage.
  • The first step with trying to educate our community is to get them interested and onboarded (near accounts, learn how to use the chain, what makes it unique/different from Ethereum/other chains?)
  • The bot is a great way to onboard our community within one application.

This looks great! Looking forward to seeing the bot in action in the group!