[APPROVED] NEAR Telegram Community Campaign

Funding Proposal for NEAR Telegram community campaigns


The fund will go directly to the telegram coummunity DAO in where we will allocate budget to different campaigns happening on Telegram


Summary / Purpose

Telegram is one of the largest social media/communication channels for NEAR where we foster discussions and bonding in the community. The Telegram Community will be used to fund some major campaigns happening in the NEAR telegram, in order to achieve the followings:

  • Team up with projects on NEAR to engage with our ecosystem partners
  • Educate the community about the NEAR-powered projects, so that they can keep track with the project development and learn about different products and usage on NEAR
  • Keep the telegram group active and grow the member base


For now, we have 2 major initiatives:

  1. NEAR Community Quiz Challenge Series
  2. Telegram Community Monthly Reward Proposal


Eunice from the NEAR Asia/Growth team - nearlove.near @3UN1C3
Amos from the NEAR Asia/Growth team - nearkat.near @amosbestcookie
JC from the NEAR Marcomm - jcpacion.near @jcatnear
Riley from NEAR Vietnam - riley.near @Riley

Milestones / Key Results

  • Rainbow bridge Quiz - 48% growth of member in the NEAR Protocol Telegram Group
  • Aurora Quiz - 67% of member in the NEAR Protocol Telegram Group
  • Ref x Skyward Defi Quiz - 22% growth of member in the NEAR Protocol Telegram Group
  • Project partners (Aurora, Re.finance and Skyward finance) also recorded substantial growth of members in their social media
  • Our monthly reward program also helps us identity some very active members in the NEAR community who have successfully converted to builders and moderators in multiple channels.


The mentioned campaigns will require funds to be giving out to the participants.

  • Ref x Skyward Defi Quiz requires a budget of 1500N (500 qualified participants will be able to receive 3 NEAR each)
  • The monthly reward program requires a budget of 100N per month ( * 5 active members will be selected each month to get a 20N worth of prize)

Total budget for August: 1600N

Other Materials

Defi Quiz:
Tweet post: https://twitter.com/NEAR_Blockchain/status/1425793199239401480?s=20
Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @nearprotocolnews

Telegram Community Monthly Reward Program:
Telegram announcement: Telegram: Contact @nearprotocolnews



SputnikDAO Link:

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Hey @3UN1C3 ,

Our bad! This timed out as we invited proposals before having funding ourselves. Can you please resubmit and we will pass ASAP? Thanks!

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Paid from Community Squad. Tags fixed

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