[Approved] VR DAO November Social Media, communication and marketing

Hello! @marketingdao-council


  • The VR DAO is trying to expand its range and be the face of the Virtual Reality community in the Near world. We created our Instagram and Twitter accounts a bit more than one month ago, but for that period both channels were managed by the VR DAO council (with a little help in the begining). We feel we need to onboard someone with actual experience running social media to take those channels to the next level.

  • Plus, we want to run the 3xr.space twitter channel in the same way. 3XR is the flagship project of the VR DAO and we want to revamp its engagement with the community and run it alongside the VR DAO official channels. We think integrating both strategies will be beneficial for the rise of a true VR community around the Near Protocol.


  • At the moment of writing this proposal, the VR DAO twitter channel has 70 followers, and the Instagram channel 60 followers. These are shallow numbers for the importance of the VR DAO in the future of the ecosystem. 3XR.space, @microchipgnu’s project, has 614 followers, but the potencial to reach many more people.

  • We expect, in bringing someone in, to at least double these numbers, each month.

  • We plan to have at least 5 posts per week, + several reposts/re-tweets, all included in a general strategy designed to increase the visibility of our efforts and why Near is the right Blockchain to develop them.

  • This proposal is for the month of November. At the end of November we will re-evaluate the work done and renew the strategy for the December.

  • A couple of previously funded monthly proposals in the Creatives DAO category:

:point_right: Funding Details:

  • 200$ to manage the VR DAO Instagram channel

  • 200$ to manage the VR DAO twitter channel

  • 200$ to manage 3xr.space twitter channel

  • 200$ for marketing strategies regarding the 3xr.space landing page (engagement with other DAOs, create some sort of monthly schedule for DAOs to be showcased)

    • Total requested: 800$ = 70Near

    • vr-dao.sputnik-dao.near

    • VR DAO

:building_construction: :building_construction:

3xr.space landing page, with featured galleries:

The VR DAO and 3XR featured in the Incubadora DAO partners (website to be live in about 1 week):

Thanks for your attention. :pray: :pray:


Hi @frnvpr nice to see you focusing in on managing social media in an effective manner.

Do you have a person in mind for this task or are you going to set a bounty?

i would also suggest that you set your sights slightly higher and aim to make at least 5 posts a week across the two channels. This will build awareness and visibility for your DAO.

Happy to approve @marketingdao-council


Thank you @cryptocredit, I agree with the slightly higher goals. Will edit the proposal.

We have a couple of people in mind, but I think we’ll still create a bounty, as we really want to find the right person. I, personally, find social media a challenging job.

I will wait for the rest of the council’s feedback :slight_smile:


Proposal is good w/ me :100:

If you’re having trouble with Social Media feel free to reach out to the Flying Rhino Guild for assistance :muscle:


Oh wow, was completely unaware of them. Will certainly be a strong tool for the person helping the vrdao with social media to use. Thank you!

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Hello, any news on this? thank you!

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Moving this to Approved, please submit to the MarketingDAO Astro



awesome! and Thank you! We’ll move forward immediately with our plans. :grinning: :pray:

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Hello @marketingdao-council

We created a bounty for a social media manager and @TRosario had a very strong submission. He was picked for the taking on the task.

Since he was onboarded so late in the month, we are assuming this is for DECEMBER, and not November.

He will be the one doing the reporting, when the time comes, and also requesting further funds, when the time comes. Our goal is to have maximum autonomy for all our members.

Thank you all for the support,


Thanks for the opportunity and happy to contribute to VR DAO as much as I can.

I confirm this onboarding is for December, the last week of work served for getting to know the VR DAO work better and to deploy it in the Social Media as best has possibel and have a general Marketing strategies the best I can.

Thanks for this. I will be doing the report soon. If any more details are needed shoot me a message.


Please, use this form for report in January


Thank You

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