[Approved] VR-DAO February Social Media and Marketing


Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: February Social Media Management and Marketing

Links: Link Tree | VR-DAO Twitter | VR-DAO Instagram | 3XR Twitter | 3XR Instagram

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VR-DAO continues to grow in it’s reach, now with a full fledged project going in it’s arms called 3XR, concentrating much of its attention into it and growing more to be a fully independent project. While still this may take a while, we want to concentrate as with the last proposals and requests of funding in growing the community.

Also concentrating the community to make more proposals on the VR-DAO Creatives category.
Creating more engaging ways for people to ideate use cases to Virtual Reality environments.

The 3XR Project is getting a full rebrading this month, so we can expect a big change in approach and growth and how the project communicates with its audience.

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • 200$ to manage the VR DAO Instagram channel
  • 200$ to manage the VR DAO twitter channel
  • 200$ to manage 3xr.space twitter & Instagram channel
  • 200$ for marketing strategies regarding the 3xr.space and VR-DAO Collaboration

Current numbers Social Media numbers:

  • VR-DAO Instagram: 120 Followers
  • VR-DAO Twitter: 174 Followers
  • 3XR Instagram: 68 Followers
  • 3XR Twitter : 872 Followers

Next steps of Communication:

  • We plan to develop a better method of communication and acknowledgment of the VR-DAO for the community to understand and engage with proposals and participate.

  • Fully develop a new plan of communication using the 3XR re-branding and new features that were added.

  • Develop more specific post to Social Media to explain and engage the community to both VR-DAO and the 3XR Project.

Note: As we submitted this proposal we have not received the January budget yet, KYC, poll and signature has already been submitted.

Amount: 800 USD
Target: rosario.near - KYC @TRosario

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Happy to approve it! Thank you for detailed, transparent reports.
I propose request 3x months funding , $2400


Hey gang, happy to approve. Moving to Approved.

Echo @Dacha’s comments of a 3 month runway, will keep you going and minimise this legwork.


Thanks for the review @David_NEAR and @Dacha, and approval of the funding. I will be going forward with the payment process.


Poll is Approved. Thanks @marketingdao-council