[APPROVED] Visual identity for the CUDO DAO

After discussions at Council meetings, we decided that we need to come up with a new visual identity for our DAO. Although we have been using the visual material from CUDO FILMES (a company owned by two of our members @hevertonharieno and @thiago.7hc ),



we understand that it is interesting that the CUDO DAO, although associated with CUDO FILMES, has its own face, with an identity that can be easily differentiated in our communication channels and in the website that will soon be online.

For this, we will open a bounty to find a designer interested in this call.

Request for Funds:

Branding and Application Manual: 140 USD (15N)


Hi guys,

I don’t know if here is the best place to show my interest in this work but, I want to say that it will be a pleasure to build a brand for this DAO.

Please let me know if it is a possibility =)



Hello Vinicius!

Thanks for your post. join us on telegram and let’s talk about it!


Thanks @hevertonharieno =)

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